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[Nettime-bold] Extermination camps

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fellows!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how you are interpreting the murder of Amadou in a 
large view, but i'm afraid that Giullianni had implanted in a 
pragmatic way extermination camp politics at some areas in NY. 
Meanwhile we all blame against nazi ideological government in 
Austrich, the NY major had realized a nazi administrative way of 
government in the heart of globalized free world, the giant 
advertising screen of NY city. I'm sure that a lot of champagne has 
spoted after the justice decision in the "password" controled area 
of the city and if NY people let it be all US fast will know in your 
own heart what means live in a extermination camp. This system 
must be hacked and his passwords cracked before it's too late.

Sorry for the english, i'm a brazilian guy.

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