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[Nettime-bold] The International Small Press Network web site

Dear Nettimers,

We have launched some time ago the web site of the International Small Press
Network. You can reach it at http://www.artopos.org/smpress. Instead of any
other introduction, I attach its "About us" page, a letter from the
publisher of the Greek Political and Cultural Review "Anti" addressed to
anyone interested in this effort.

You are all welcome to visit it. For any additional information or
contribution, please contact Sheila Conroy at sconroy@compulink.gr


Dimitris Skoufis

Dear friends,

As we enter the "age of information", we have two developments which hold
major implication for all of our future. First is the rapid globalization of
the Free Market and Corporate Media, second is the information technological
revolution as specifically manifest in Internet.

As regards the fact of Corporate Media monopolization, the implications are
clear to all of us. More ambiguous is the path that the relatively newly
established Internet will proceed to take. Although Internet potentially
allows for an international and truly democratic interchange, it
simultaneously meets with serious shortcomings: not only is this technology
financially limited to relatively few hands (and those largely within the
industrially developed countries) but also Internet is under serious threat
(via, for one example, the proposed Global Information Infrastructure) of
future corporate control both through privatization and legal measures to
impose a restriction of information. Thus it is imperative that the wide
Left both participate in the Internet dialogue whilst simultaneously trying
to develop, if at all possible, an alternative global network.

In any case, both of these developments share one inevitable result: the
Small Press finds itself already on the periphery and is, in many cases,
struggling to survive. That the continued existence of the Small Press is
not merely desirable but is critical as a democratic voice is obvious. That
the existence of Internet - far from rendering the Small Press obsolete -
actually necessitates an alternative network of the Small Press is obvious.
That such an alternative network be international is not simply appropriate
but is of urgent necessity is equally clear.

For the above stated reasons, we have decided, with the help of friends and
colleagues here and abroad, to put together a catalogue network of wide Left
organizations and publications which - despite differences in approach -
hold common concerns regarding our respective societies and the planet that
we all share. In addition to creating a balance to both the global Corporate
Media and Internet, we believe that such an international network will help
us to specifically address the following issues:

1) The dangerous rising of chauvinism expresses itself at every level:
national, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, cultural - all of which clearly
serves political and economic ambitions, and which cannot be overcome except
by means of a wide solidarity within the international community.

2) Under the expanding monopolization of Corporate Media, the very existence
of the Small Press is threatened. In addition to the fact of Mass Media
political and cultural impact, very simply without a Small Press there can
be no democracy.

3) Due to the very nature of the Small Press, few of us are able to function
transnationally. We have been obliged, therefore, to largely interpret
foreign events and concerns via the Corporate Media. The natural result is
an unacceptable degree of ignorance and misinformation.

4) We hope in directly receiving articles from one another that we can
overcome the above stated deficiency. In view of the financial difficulties
that the Small Press generally faces, we hope to work in a solidarity which
will, for example, without obligation send/exchange articles without

5) The complex political, economic and cultural interrelationships of our
respective societies cannot be correctly understood except through a regular
intercommunication of information and ideas. For only one example, it is now
generally acknowledged that we are confronting an ecological crisis that can
no longer be ignored. As ecological strategy is mapped out on the global
scale, global communications on ecological matters is essential.

6) In general addition, it is hoped that such a catalogue network will
facilitate the more effective organization of projects, meetings, seminars,
symposia etc. concerning the issues we share.

It is with regret that we are obliged to limit ourselves to one language in
the catalogue, and we have chosen the English language as it is the most
internationally familiar.

Attached to this letter you will find a few words about the magazine Anti
which is taking this initiative, a page of endorsements, and the form to be
completed and returned to us as soon as possible sconroy@compulink.gr).

Any ideas or suggestions that you can offer us would be very welcome in the
spirit of solidarity. If, however, you oppose this project or do not wish to
participate, we ask you to inform us of the reasons.

In view of the dimensions of this project, we would greatly appreciate any
help in locating and contacting potential participants. It would much assist
us if you would be able to send us a list of organizations and publications
known to you and which may be unknown to us or that we may have overlooked.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this project, and send you

Christos G. Papoutsakis, Editor
Anti/Independent Fortnightly Political and Cultural Review

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