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CalArts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in
Los Angeles present RTMark and special guests Fiambrera,
Wednesday March 8 at 8:00 PM.

The presentation "Tactical Embarrassment"
is free to the public and will be in
the MOCA Ahmanson Auditorium, 250 South Grand Ave.

RTMark ( is a brokerage that benefits
from limited liability just like any other corporation.
Using this principle, RTMark supports the sabotage of
corporate products by channeling funds from investors
to workers. As ordinary corporations are solely and entirely
machines to increase their shareholders' wealth (often to the
detriment of culture and life) so RTMark is a machine
to improve its shareholders' culture and life
(sometimes to the detriment of corporate wealth).

Andrei Codrescu, prolific writer and National Public
Radio commentator says of RTMark:

	"RTMark continues to gain territory in the ongoing
	battle against faceless corporations and what used
	to be known as human beings, now in the process of
	becoming corporate appendages.... I must congratulate
	RTMark ...on its victories in cyberspace and in the
	secretive lands of Corporate Art, where their advances
	have been nothing short of stunning."

Fiambrera (
are a collective who live and work in Valencia,
Sevilla and Madrid. Billboards, dog shit, airport signs,
flamenco music and video games are some of the political
tools Fiambrera use to reinforce a will for grassroots
radical democracy.

Together RTMark and Fiambrera are developing new
strategies for today's artist, tying artistic work to real
political and social challenges -- not just referring to them--
but helping to build them *from the inside.*

<> is a series featuring net artists,
net activists and net collectives from around
the world. The series, which continues through May
2000, brings together for the first time in the United
States artists and activists known throughout the world
for their low tech and interventionist strategies of
experimental and radical cultural production,
collaboration, and critique on and off the Internet.

The series is a collaborative effort between the CalArts
Programs in Photography in the School of Art, the
Integrated Media Program, and MOCA.

For further information please call 323-644-1762 or send
email to or see the website:


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<> events please email
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