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<nettime-ann> Sound Studies Master Austellung 13.3 - 21.3.2015
jasmine guffond on Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:20:51 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Sound Studies Master Austellung 13.3 - 21.3.2015

From March 13th to 21st, 13 freshly graduated sound artists, from the UdK Sound Studies program invite you to come and experience 12 original sound installations and one real-time application on the 4th floor of KÃhlhaus Berlin, an old refrigerated warehouse in Kreuzberg.

With works by:ÂJessica Ekomane, Jacob Eriksen, Marco Guadamillas Cortes, Jasmine Guffond, Julia Holzberger, Christian Losert, Ali Najafi, Silje Nes, Albrecht Panknin, Gregor Pfeffer, Johannes Regnier, Felipe Sanchez Luna, Kanari Shirao, Theresa Stroetges / Golden Diskà Ship, AndrÃs Torres.

Adress and Opening timesÂ:

KÃhlhaus Berlin, 4th floor
Luckenwalderstr. 3, 10963 Berlin

Monday to Friday 17 â 20h

Saturday and Sunday 12 â 20h

March 21st, FinissageÂ:Â

12h âÂListening walk with Jasmine Guffond. Bring your Android phone or tablet and headphones.ÂDownload linkÂfor the application:Âhttp://ow.ly/KqpuWÂ(Must allow installation from 'Unkown Sources' in Settings/Security)
13:30h âÂCryptopartyÂ: learn how to use basic encryption tools with professional programmers (please bring your android device and/or your computer), along with a discussion about surveillance and technology:Âhttps://www.cryptoparty.in/berlin/kuehlhaus

Followed by performances and concerts by the artists utilising their unique installation configurations as playback systems for an alternative to the traditional concert setting.

FB EVENTÂ:Âhttp://ow.ly/KpVRj
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