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<nettime-ann> Newsletter from Patrick Lichty
Patrick Lichty on Tue, 24 Feb 2015 16:45:24 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Newsletter from Patrick Lichty

Patrick Lichty Samizdat/Newsletter 1
February 23, 2015

I: Welcome!
First of all, thank you for being my friend, colleague, or whatever brought you in contact with me. After 25 years in New Media, I am finally maintaining amaillist.  At first, it will be by hand, and I hope to find a good management system to help tame the unruly beast.

Secondly, I will do my best to give you high-level content that will be notonly about me, but things I find interesting every quarter.  That’s enough time to have a chat while not being annoying, isn’t it?
2: What’s going on:
It’s been exciting lately.  I have decided to come out from behind the curtain of collectives I am/have been part of like Haymarket RIOT, RTMark, Terminal Time, The Yes Men, and Second Front and begin showing my work from these projects as well as my solo work, which we will get to.

2a: Representation:
I’m glad to mention that I have finally sought out representation, and have a great team behind me.  Currently, I am represented by Wolf Lieser in Berlin at DAM Berlin, Lee Wells at IFAC New York, and Andy Antippas at Barrister’s Gallery in New Orleans. Each of these galleries represent different bodies of significant historical work, and I invite you to check them out.

2b: Shows:
My IFAC NY show, Sensible Concepts, has just closed on the 12th – it featured my large-scale tapestries and Random Internet Cat robotically-fabricated postinternet drawings.  Sales were good, and the opening had coverage in ArtNerd, Clocktower Radio, and had NY luminati like Bibbe Hansen, Larry Miller, Terry Berkowitz, and Christiane Paul.  Thank you.

My solo Berlin Show, Artifacts, debuted during the Transmediale festival last week is up from 30 January - 21 March 2015, features my wooden figurative engravings, tapestries, and works in Second Life by myself and work with Second Front.  The reviews are consistently good.
Barristers’ Gallery in New Orleans is featuring me on April 12th for an as-yet undisclosed exhibition that I am developing a new body of work for.  More news in upcoming transmissions.

Transmediale featured the debut of my ten years of media archaeology research with Slow Scan TV Subterranean Blues, in which I was in a program with historical works by Gary Hill and other amazing artists.  I am also working with Hank Bull and archivists at Vancouver’s Western Front to decode historical slow scan television transmissions.  Stay tuned. (Actually, I have just founded the tentatively named SSTV Art Open Archive for the documentation and preservation of the genre from the 70’s to today. Again -  Stay Tuned)

Beginning Feb. 14, I debuted my “Hug Blanket” series at the Greenleaf Art Center as part of the Be Mine exhibition, curated in part by Niki Nolin of Columbia College Chicago.
  The concept involves weaving the image of someone with their arms wide open as to invite an embrace. When wrapped in the blanket, the wearer looks like they are receiving a hug while they are being kept warm.

Also, I have just launched the Inversion of the Drone Rug work that takes my machine made tapestry, uses a drone sight image and places the digitally produced machine image of the target in contrast with the Pakistani/Afghani painstakingly hand made war rugs of the drone targeting them.  They will launch on Thursday, Feb. 26.
3: Communication/Blogs
I am finally active on patricklichty.com, with posts about Transmediale, and a look behind the scenes at my Random Internet Cats series, such as (mostly) how I do them.  These will also be an Instructable.  Voyd.com is not updated currently, and I intend for streamline it in the near future.

I have been writing frequently for Serpentine Magazine in Canada for my friend and editor Sarah Hamilton. While my writing has shifted more towards short,mass-media pieces, rest assured that my scholarly work is not dormant – there are 2-3 major essays on the way.

Artifacts {AT} DAM Berlin

Sensible Concepts {AT} IFAC
ArtNerd coverage
Clocktower Coverage

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