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<nettime-ann> CURRENT SCREENSAVER | Sara Ludy /Dream House/
metazoa.org on Thu, 5 Feb 2015 06:26:51 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> CURRENT SCREENSAVER | Sara Ludy /Dream House/

ScreenSaverGallery presents Dream House by American artist Sara Ludy.

âThis secluded 100-acre island gem is found resting on the center coordinates from a 3 second transport time. Surrounded by void, this island is a timeless wonder; featuring Dream House, the primary memory palace experience.

The north side of the premise includes a 9-plug waking pad equipped with sustainable primitives and reliable access. Just west of the waking pad is a uniquely tiered water feature overlooking space in a remarkable scene. On the southeast coordinates, between the lush eastern hills and the arid south basin, resides the shapeshifting Dream House; a domestic labyrinth built with familiar geometries and sacred details.

Created during the 1st period, Dream House is known as âthe palace of dreamsâ. This hybrid dream architecture includes 3 lucid dream spaces precisely constructed utilizing genuine memories, native textures and brilliant moonlight. The house is furnished with premier animistics; Transport Bed, Stack of Books, Vanity Mirror, Floating Mirror, Floor Curves, Disc, Entity Bust, Sun Disc and Fountain Pad. All animistics are full automated and activated by proximity.

Dream House comfortably accommodates multiple embeds, providing an ideal platform for remote experiences. Dream House is the travelerâs perfect destination for exploring authentic dreams embedded in time, space and structure.â

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more at:Âhttp://screensaver.metazoa.org/sara-ludy-dream-house/

Short Interview with Sara Ludyhttp://screensaver.metazoa.org/sara-ludy-dream-house/#interview



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