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<nettime-ann> Pixel Lab #9 | Modular Acoustic Formant System
~rybn on Tue, 3 Feb 2015 17:14:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Pixel Lab #9 | Modular Acoustic Formant System

Pixel Lab #9 | HalldÃr Ãlfarsson & ÃrÃinn HjÃlmarsson
Modular Acoustic Formant System

in: Laboratoire Ouvert
 {AT}  la GaÃtà lyrique,

. Sat. 7 February, 5PM-7PM: talk/discussion
. Sun. 8 February, 2PM-6PM: public workshop

.. Organized with Lorna, Reykjavik

Warning: Limited to 12 participants only
Reservations: billetterie {AT} gaite-lyrique.net


HalldÃr and ÃrÃinn (say "Phrainn"), artists and members of Lorna
organization (Reykjavik, Iceland) are musicians who create their own
acoustic instruments with the use of digital crafting tools (laser
cutter, CNC, 3d printers ...). They are also investigating together the
filtering effects of variously shaped cavities on sound, using a modular
acoustic formant system they have developed.

For this workshop, they will test various cavities as to turn them into
sound filter digital effects, with use of the software Vowel (developed
by Paul Falstad to digitally model the human vocal tract as an acoustic
filter). http://www.falstad.com/vowel/

Workshop open to everyone, no pre-requisite.
Participants are invited to bring their laptop and any resonant object
of their choice.

Talk on saturday, 5-7pm, in the Plateau MÃdia and streaming on

Workshop on Sunday, 2-6pm, in one of the music studios


HalldÃr  Ãlfarsson is an icelandic visual artist, he studied at the
Finnish  Academy of Fine Arts and has an MA in applied art and design
from TAIK  (now Aalto University). HalldÃr  designs and builds
halldorophones, an electro acoustic string  instrument he has been
developing for a few years. He collaborates with  composers,
instrumentalists and institutions to produce works for  halldorophone,
these collaborations are often documented with video that  contain
narratives dealing with the halldorophone's place in the world.  HalldÃr
has exhibited his art in Europe and Iceland where he now lives,  he
works as workshop technician for the Design and Architecture  department
of the Icelandic Academy of Art and is part time lecturer for  different
departments of the same school. http://www.halldorulfarsson.info

ÃrÃinn  HjÃlmarsson is an icelandic composer who has also involved
himself in  artistic research projects. One such project revolves around
developing  his own instrument, the Thranophone, that uses complex
cavities to  control audio feedback. ÃrÃinn also serves as artistic
director and  producer for a an established new music festival in
Iceland. ÃrÃinnâs  music is notated and expressed using a variety of
mediums, from  animated notation and video works to standard notated
music for groups  of musicians, his music has been performed worldwide
by such orchestras  and ensembles as BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra,
Icelandic symphony  orchestra, Ensemble Adapter, Athelas Sinfonietta and
others. http://thrainnhjalmarsson.info/


Within the residency program "Laboratoire Ouvert" of la GaÃtà lyrique,
Mal au Pixel and the Pixelache network propose a series of monthly
meetings in Paris, until April 2015, consisting in a public talk and a
hands-on workshop. Since 2006, Mal au Pixel festival is looking at
connecting technology, urban electronics and social transformation
issues, and to investigate our contemporary beliefs. The  festival
brings together young digital artists and unconventional electronics :
unexpected technologies, open source tools, prototypes and open ended
events. http://www.malaupixel.org

In partnership with Pixelache Network.http://www.network.pixelache.ac
With the support of the Grundtvig Foundation for Life Long Learning.

7-8 March
Carte blanche to AccessSpace, Sheffield

23/24/25 April
Conclusion of the pxiel_lab cycle


Talk On Saturday 07/02
plateau Media 5PM-7PM,
Free access;

Workshop On Sunday 08/02,
Salle Accueil Groupe, 2PM-6PM, 5â,
limited to 12 participants.

Reservations = billetterie {AT} gaite-lyrique.net

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