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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Mozilla/Ford fellowship for emerging technical leader
BishopZ on Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:26:07 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Mozilla/Ford fellowship for emerging technical leaders interested in policy and advocacy


Mozilla is launching the new Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship - a
10-month program designed to find emerging technical leaders who have
a passion for Internet policy and advocacy.

They're in the midst of recruiting qualified applicants, so please
share information about the program far and wide!

Here's a bit more about the program:

* Good candidates are developers, technologists, hackers and data
crunchers - policy and politics expertise not required, but we're
looking for interest in the advocacy space, in making good change
happen for the Internet.

* The fellows will spend 10 months embedded in one of our host
organizations: the American Civil Liberties Union, Public Knowledge,
Free Press, the Open Technology Institute, and Amnesty International.

* Fellows will be immersed in projects that create better technical
understanding among civil society and policy makers.

* Perhaps the most important detail: The Fellowships are paid positions.

The deadline to apply is December 31st. Interested candidates can
learn more and apply through https://advocacy.mozilla.org/.

(f) 202-637-0968
joe {AT} cdt.org
PGP: https://josephhall.org/gpg-key
fingerprint: 3CA2 8D7B 9F6D DBD3 4B10 1607 5F86 6987 40A9 A871
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