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<nettime-ann> Matt's Gallery event (10th Dec) and new book LESS (Out Now
Matt's Gallery 10th Dec. 4pm on Thu, 4 Dec 2014 16:29:05 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Matt's Gallery event (10th Dec) and new book LESS (Out Now)

'It turns out that it is possible to use supermarket self-checkout machines to buy nothing. The artist interacted frequently with these machines in this way during a three month period. One hundred of the resulting receipts, recording these non transactions, are collected in the volume Less"
My first new book since joining the ABC people ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC_Artists'_Books_Cooperative ) Less is now available. Obtain it(£7.99 including p&p, ships in 5-9 days) here: http://artsproducts.blogspot.co.uk/
Product Details: ISBN 9781326106942, Published 01 December 2014, Pages 112, Binding Perfect-bound, Paperback, Interior Ink Black & white, Weight 0.14 kg, Dimensions (centimetres) 10.8 wide x 17.48 tall. More information on the project and link to a sound recording: https://www.facebook.com/mick.ogabbaun/posts/548898355254544
On next Wed evening (10th Dec) I will be in action on the roof of Matt’s Gallery in the astonishing Futura House: https://twitter.com/Mocksim_Latest/status/537123298505916416 (By all means Retweet).
In Cork a lot is going on relating to Mr. & Mrs. Logic, George and Mary (Everest) Boole. The former died 150 years ago, at the age of 50 (due to homeopathy). Julian Weaver is organising a series of walks: http://j.mp/boolewalks 
If in Brighton there’s Mark Erik Andersen until this Sunday December 7th: http://www.isisgallery.org/forthcoming_exhibitions/on_a_plate_for_you_martin_erik_1.html
And Laura and Chloe Seddon’s initiative Contemporary Connections launch their current project Sounding Food and Music by curating an exciting evening of cutting edge and unusual music by women on December 6th: http://theoldmarket.com/shows/sounding-food-music/
And Glenn Ligon’s show http://www.camdenartscentre.org/whats-on/view/ligon will be at Camden Arts Centre until January 11th.
Live Well For LessLive Well For LessLive Well For Less
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