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<nettime-ann> AXW/ ONLINE Festival
Fabienne Gautier on Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:48:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> AXW/ ONLINE Festival

Another eXperiment by Women Film Festival
(AXW for short) gives women’s work a Real Time and Space in New York City

AXW/online presents the short film is its own art form. In our selected short shows of shorts, each selected film is chosen and placed in sequence to form a connective link to the following film, defining an underlying quality that exists between them all. Each show is different, with its own individual character. The films in each cluster buzz in conversation with one another.

The experimental films selected by AXW/online  are distilled by each filmmaker-artist, presenting forms not homogenized into the kind sanctioned by commercial production.  Multiple and concentrated viewings reveal greater depths in each film, as wider connections are found thru each show’s particular curation.

The AXW/online web site puts these films on a global platform, so that the work can be seen outside of the range of a brick-and-mortor venue. These films archived here present women’s free _expression_, women’s responses (to whatever they want to respond to), and counter the idea that film has a fashionable short life-span, which allows work to be dismissed, forgotten and “throw-away”.


ICELAND  {AT} 2014 AXW/ ONLINE  Festival

ANIMAL’S PLANET (show 5) – TRT: 23.32

The human animal modifies its living environment.

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