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<nettime-ann> [OKNO] the Invisible Garden in the Green Light District
okno on Mon, 10 Nov 2014 21:47:09 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [OKNO] the Invisible Garden in the Green Light District


OKNO invites you to visit the large-scale installation The Invisible Garden, part of the exhibition The Green Light District.

How do technology and science affect the relationship between man and nature in the city? Designers, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists present concrete projects that transcend the sense of defeatism that surrounds ecology. Small, surprising and unprecedented revolutions that inspire reflection and generate complicity.

The Green Light District, with artworks by Alberto Baraya (co) / Nick Ervinck (be) / Lucas Foglia (us) / Brandon Ballengée (us) / Annemarie Maes (be) / David Bowen (us) / t.o.p. office (be) / Maja Smrekar (si) / Peter De Cupere (be) / Bart Stolle (be) / Futurefarmers (us) / Next Nature (nl) /Honoré d’O (be) / Raphael Kim (uk) / Mattia Casalegno (it) / Martin Uit den Bogaard (nl) / Koen Vanmechelen (be) / Eduardo Kac (us) / Heath Bunting (uk) / Mass Moving (be) / Frederik Dewilde (be) ...

The Invisible Garden is a large-scale installation by AnneMarie Maes. The garden is a remake of the Open Air Laboratorium created by the artist on her rooftop in the center of Brussels. The Invisible Garden is a sitespecific project that reverses the relation between nature and art. The transitions between inside and outside, culture and staged nature, become fluid and transitory.


The Green Light District - from 8/11/2014 to 8/2/2015

Opening on saturday 8 november 2014 at 8pm with a concert by Yves DeMey

Every sunday from 10:30 to 12:30 : Under the Green Light (workshops, lectures, labs)

Buda Factory - Dam 2, Kortrijk - Belgium

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