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<nettime-ann> Fwd: [spectre] Call for participation, "Along the light", workshop week and festival for analogue visuals and sound, 15. - 20.09.2014 in Cologne

"Along the light"
Festival for analogue visuals and sound, 15.-20.09.2014 in Cologne

online: http://alongthelight-festival.tumblr.com

We are searching for artists who work with analogue media (Light and
Sound) and who are interested to develop site-specific installations or

In a four-days production-workshop from 15 - 18 September 2014 about 10
artists will develop new site specific Installations and Performances
for the "Ebertplatzpassage" in Cologne. The results will be presented in
the form of a two-day Festival on 19 -20 September 2014 and also in an
exhibition which lasts two weeks longer.

Ebertplatz is a" fantastic" place in the centre of cologne that has been
abandoned from the city officials and merchants since 9 years.
The venue has been occupied by four off-spaces for contemporary art and
has been turned in a free space.  See google images:  Ebertplatz

âAlong the lightâ is organized by the three off-rooms

Bruch und Dallas   http://www.bruchunddallas.de
Boutique           http://www.boutique-koeln.de
Gold und Beton     http://goldundbeton.de/wordpress

and Ray Vibration (Tina Tonagel, Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber) an
artist group, who use the overhead projector as Instrument for
Performances. They also offer workshops for using the overhead projector
as a performative experimental tool.

basic condition:
We will offer technical and artistic support and provide overhead
projectors, electronic & crafts materials and tools.
A basic private accommodation, travel support (up to 200,-â), free food
and drink (basic catering and beer during the workshop week and festival)

Please submit a very short and rough project sketch of the type of
installation or performance you would like to develop.
The workshop places are limited, so please send your idea as soon as
possible (by Sunday 17.08.2014 at latest)
to ctr {AT} rayvibration.org

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