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<nettime-ann> Sight & Sound 2014: SCIENCE FACTION
Art - Eastern Bloc on Wed, 30 Apr 2014 16:39:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Sight & Sound 2014: SCIENCE FACTION


Dear Nettimers,

(sorry for cross-posts)

SIGHT & SOUND Festival / 6th edition: SCIENCE FACTION
20 - 25 MAY 2014
Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada

For full program / more info: http://sightandsoundfestival.ca/ (and see below)


This year, the theme of Sight & Sound is Science Faction - a multifaceted observation of a world undergoing profound change. Science Faction is about fear of the unknown; but also, because, inarguably, the idea of communicating with otherworldly beings or robots overpowering humans in a dystopian futurist society are images forever embedded in the consciousness of everyday people. Science Faction is about the sheer power of the imaginary. For over a century, the works of sci-fi authors have captivated a modern audience and prompted it to speculate about the future and the near-future, and to contemplate the implications of present-day metamorphosesâtechnological, biological, or sociological.

Today, it is taken for granted that technology is neither good nor bad, nor that future necessarily means progress. But in our quest to gain control over technology, for human to dominate machine, we neglect to recognize that which is human in the machine. That our human traits â weaknesses, strengths, downfalls, ambitions â are candidly reflected in the machines and programs we create. Political, economic, social power is â indirectly or not â manifested in the technologies we imagine, on paper or film, in the lab or boardroom.

Consequently, we develop bigger, faster information networks and computer systems, which appear to think and react autonomously, yet we forget that those who champion technological revolution â mechanical, televisual, digital, post-digital â have the most power to leverage in its wake. So, with Science Faction, we ask the artist to suggest their rendition of a mutant future, their idea of a radical cyborg, their interpretation of a human-machine meltdown. And, we ask the spectator to embrace the marginal legalities and othered ontologies of those visions put forth.






20 May 2014
Festival Opening
Yoshi Soedoka & Daron Murphy: Sibyl

21 May 2014
Arcangelo Constantini: Photonotube
Ally Mobbs: Turntablism for the Hard of Hearing
Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber, Tina Tonagel: Monochrome Layering

22 May 2014
Leslie Garcia: Bio-Box
Shu Lea Cheang: UKI
Yan Jun: Feedback Improvisation

23 May 2014
Quimera Rosa & Transnoise : Akelarre Cyborg 2.0

24 May 2014
Dopplereffekt: Dopplereffekt Live
MÃlissa Gagnà (Babi Audi): Sochi Snow Club Dead
Le RÃvÃlateur: Extreme Events
Jacob Ciocci & David Wightman: Extreme Animals


21 May 2014
Beth Coleman: Keynote presentation
âLa Trahison des images:â Science Fictions and Bodies Without Organs in the Event Horizon of Ubiquitous Mediation

22 May 2014
Whose Fictions? Upturning the Male Dystopian Narrative

Panelists: Adrienne Maree Brown, Skawennati Fragnito, Paula Pin, Maria Mitsopoulou

Moderator: Erandy Vergara-Vargas

23 May 2014
Biological Systems as Generative Models for the Future
Panelists: Eric Lewis, Erin Gee, Leslie Garcia, Sofian Audry
Moderator: Alessandro Delfanti

24 May 2014
Stephen Rennicks: Science-Fiction & Early Techno

24 May 2014
Towards a Bright Future or Distorted Present: Smokescreen Ethics of the Military-
Industrial-Academic Complex
Panelists: Alejo Duque, Dominic Gagnon, ValÃrie Lamontagne
Moderator: Alexandre Castonguay


15 â 18 May 2014
Astrovandalistas: La Sonora Telematica

20 â 21 May 2014
Alejo Duque: Pirate Radio Transmissions on Mikro-FM

22 May 2014
Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber, Tina Tonagel: Discorobots

23 May 2014
Yan Jun: Chewing Music

23 May 2014
Hanah Epstein, Alex Leitch, Sagan Yee: VideoVideoJam

24 â 25 May 2014
Quimera Rosa & Transnoise : The Body as Post-Gendred Sound Instrument

24 â 25 May 2014
Anne Goldenberg, Pascale Gustin, Valentina Vuksic, Karine Rathle : Between 0 and 1


Erin Sexton : Crystalline Domain
Darsha Hewitt : Feedback Babies
Christian Faubel : Crystal Forming Robots on Overhead
Ally Mobbs : Turntablism for the Hard of Hearing

Arcangelo Constantini : Filed of Grooves (Campo de surcos)
Leslie Garcia : Pulsu(m) Plantae v.2

Astrovandalistas : La Sonora Telematica
Bradford Kessler : Primum Mobile Network / Accident Study / Saving the Planet
Jonathan Bonneau : Odysseyland


24 â 25 May 2014
Hannah Epstein, Sagan Yee, Alex Leitch : PsXXYborg

20 â 25 May 2014
Alejo Duque: PirateBlocRadio

Hope to see you in Montreal in 3 weeks!



Eliane Ellbogen
Directrice artistique | Artistic Director


art {AT} easternbloc.ca

7240 rue Clark, MontrÃal, QC, H2R 2Y3

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