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<nettime-ann> Paula Muhr - in conversation with BLICK
BLICK interview | berlinerpool on Fri, 25 Apr 2014 15:47:45 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Paula Muhr - in conversation with BLICK

BLICK interviews with berlinerpool members
Blick interviews with berlinerpool members

BLICK with Paula Muhr

Blick interview with Paula Muhr

Social regulation. Standardization. Normalization. These and related social processes are responsible for creating contingent sets of rules and determining situations that we refer to as ânormalâ. Even though in our daily lives we take ânormalityâ for granted, it is merely a product of social consensus, and as such subject to change. Through her research-based art Paula Muhr investigates arbitrary concepts related to various historical and contemporary notions of normality and reveals the mechanisms of their construction. Simultaneously, she approaches the topic of normality from an additional, theoretically informed perspective, by conducting academic research on hysteria and brain imaging.

Conversation withÂPaula Muhr byÂBarbara Kepa

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BLICK interviewsÂwith berlinerpool artists started as a conversation format between artists and writers. We took the chance and created the platform to trace artistic motivations, draw links, set comparisons between the city of Berlin as an art production place and the global context. Initiated byÂBarbara Kepa.

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