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<nettime-ann> Media Mediums - Paris
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<nettime-ann> Media Mediums - Paris

Media Mediums
4 April - 31 May 2014
Opening Friday 4 April 6PM

The Media Mediums exhibition will be presented as an investigation into and circulation of various archives, histories, protocols and devices linked to the idea of transporting thought and intelligence across space and time : mesmerism, spirit telegraphs, clairvoyance, television, ectoplasms, direct voice phenomena, suggestion, martians, aether and fluids, ghosts, mind reading, theory of information, telepathy, electronic voice phenomena, encrypted messages... There will be four nightly events consisting of lectures, performances, discussions, concerts and demonstrations.



Thomas Bethmont, Jean-Louis Boissier, Mathilde Chenin, Stéphane Degoutin, fleuryfontaine, Jeff Guess, Julien Prévieux, Sébastien Rémy, rybn.org, Suzanne Treister, Gwenola Wagon
Lumière : Nicholas Vargelis



Livres de Philippe Baudouin, Jean-Louis Boissier, Stéphane Degoutin, Leif Elggren, Renaud Evrard, Raphaël Faon, Nicolas Gourault, Jeff Guess, Jean-Noël Lafargue, Lauren Moffatt, Ayuko Nishida, Paul-Louis Roubert, rybn.org, Jeffrey Sconce, Noah Teichner, Gwenola Wagon, Chen Ni Yu, Anne Zeitz
Collection conçue avec Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié


Friday 4 April 6PM
Opening/ Concerts
Jean-Philippe Antoine et Leif Elggren
Vincent Epplay
Gauthier Tassart
Friday 11 April 6PM
Julien Prévieux, Jean-François Jégo, 
Mathilde Chenin et Thomas Bethmont, 
Stéphane Degoutin et Gwenola Wagon 
tournage avec Olivier Bosson  

Friday 16 May 6PM
Lectures / performances
Philippe Baudouin et Renaud Evrard, 
Jeff Guess
Pascal Rousseau
Jeffrey Sconce

Friday 23 may 6PM
Concerts / conférences
Jean-Louis Boissier
Dieter Daniels
Martin Howse
Pi Node
Anne Zeitz

Ygrec, Paris
20 rue Louise Weiss Paris 75013
from wed to sat, 1PM>7PM

M° Chevaleret / Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
T +33 (0) 1 43 38 49 65 

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