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<nettime-ann> grey) (area . Every House is an Island: Tonka Malekovic /
Darko Fritz on Tue, 30 Jul 2013 16:53:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> grey) (area . Every House is an Island: Tonka Malekovic / Nadija Mustapic

grey) (area . space for contemporary and media art

exhibition: Every House is an Island
artists: Tonka Malekovic and Nadija Mustapic
guest curator: Ivana Mestrov / Loose Associations
gallery curator: Darko Fritz

31 | 7 - 12 | 8 | 2013

opening: Wednesday 31th July, 21 - 23 h

Guest curator Ivana Mestrov (Loose Associations) presents two artists who made a new site-specific installation: Tonka Malekovic, a fellow collegue from Loose Associations collective and Nadija Mustapic. Intermedia exhibition dialogue between visual artists exploring spatial potentials and side narratives of a typical old style Korcula city house temporarily set as an exhibition space of grey area.  



Nadija Mustapic (Rijeka, 1976) is an intermedia artist working predominantly in video installation, but her practice includes documentary and experimental film, installation, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and performance. Mustapic has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and internationally. Her artistic practice also includes collaborations. She is one of founding members of The Moving Crew art collective (www.themovingcrew.org). Since 2006, she lives and works in Rijeka, Croatia and where she teaches as Assistant Professor at the Acaemy of Applied Arts,The University of Rijeka. Since 2011 she works on an EU funded program ADRIART (www.adriart.net) creating an international double-degree MA program Media Arts and Practices.

Tonka MalekoviÄ graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Since 2003 exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad, including projects in public space in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Moldova and Macedonia. 2007 the winner of the Essl Award Prize for Central and South-East Europe, 2009 of Zagreb Salon Award, 2010 of HDLU â Young Artist Award, 2010 one of the finalists for the Radoslav Putar Award, SCCA Zagreb. Since 2008 took part in residences: P.A.C.T. Zollverein, Essen, Germany; âTemporary Cityâ, Pecs, Hungary; CHIOSC, Chisinau, Moldova, KulturKontakt Austria,Vienna; Cite international des Arts, Paris, France, DEFAULT Masterclass in residence, Lecce, Italy etc. A member of the professional artistic associations HZSU and HDLU, and Loose Associations, an association for contemporary art practices. Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivana MeÅtrov is a curator, art critic and researcher. She obtained her MA in art history at Paris 1-Pantheon Sorbonne University. In 2002-2003 she attended the curatorial programme Ecole du Magasin in Le Magasin Art Centre, Grenoble, France. The outcome of the programme was a book âAIDS RIOT, artist collectives against AIDS, New York, 1987-1996â. Since 2009, she has been working as an assistant researcher at the Art History Department of the University of Split, Croatia. She is one of the founding members of the organization Loose Associations contemporary art practices (along with NataÅa BodroÅic and Tonka Malekovic) dealing with critical research and contemporary art practices.

Loose Associations, Contemporary Art Practices were founded in Zagreb in 2009 by a curator and cultural worker NataÅa BodroÅiÄ, visual artist Tonka MalekoviÄ, and curator and art historian Ivana MeÅtrov. Prior to the associative framework, the Loose Associations programme already existed since 2007, as a sequel of talks and screenings conceived in a tight collaboration with the New Media Department of Zagreb Art Academy and exploring the notions of critical, collective and self-managed art practices, as well as public art. Since then, a several collaborative projects were set up under the forms of exhibitions, panels and residencies. At the present time, the Loose Associations are active in the informal public school project K.R.U.Z.O.K., ARS PUBLICAE- research on the public art in Croatia (1postozaumjetnost.wordpress.com) and SPACES: Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries, collaborative project funded by  EU-Eastern Partnership Culture Program (Armenia, Georgia, R.Moldova, Ukraine).


grey) (area .  space for contemporary and media art
new / pop-up gallery location: Ulica biskupa Luke Tolentica 13 / Zakrjan, Korcula, Croatia
post: pp. 95 . 20260 Korcula . Croatia
contact:  Darko Fritz . darko {AT} darkofritz.net . tel: +385 91 5800193
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