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<nettime-ann> 4 postdoc positions at Leuphana/Lueneburg (D)
Geert Lovink on Fri, 12 Jul 2013 15:26:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> 4 postdoc positions at Leuphana/Lueneburg (D)

The “CDC Research Lab” at Leuphana University Lüneburg is seeking to appoint four research associates at postdoctoral level (EG 13 TV-L, 100% for three years), starting from 1. October 2013. The CDC Research Lab is funded by Volkswagen Foundation as part of the “Niedersächsisches Vorab” program. It is an integral part of the transdisciplinary, cross-faculty “Centre for Digital Cultures” (CDC), which – with its more than 90 international researchers – bundles the research and development activities within digital media at Leuphana.

The CDC Research Lab, as a dialogical and open knowledge centre, serves to promote excellent research and its systematic integration, to develop international networking amongst others via its renowned fellows, and supports young researchers by  attracting new talents. The research program of the CDC Research Lab includes four thematic fields concerned with (a) questions of the technological conditions of digital cultures, (b) new forms of cooperation, collectivity and organisation, (c) shifts in political participation and affective control, as well as (d) methodological problems and experiments in the research of digital cultures.

Applications are therefore explicitly encouraged for one of these four thematic fields of the CDC Research Lab:

(a) Re-Thinking the Technological Condition
(b) Re-Thinking Sociality
(c) Re-Thinking the Political
(d) Re-Thinking Methods

The posts are formally associated with the “Institute for the Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media” (ICAM).

Your tasks:
* Preparation and support of the activities of the CDC Research Lab
* Development and establishment of your own research projects and problematics; independent publication activities
* Participation in drafting and editing of research funding applications
* Conceptual participation in design and delivery of conferences, summer schools and publication projects
* Assistance with the support fellows and young researchers
* Support of outside communication of CDC Research Lab
* There is no requirement to teach, but own teaching activites are possible

* Completed, excellent PhD with a clear relation to of the thematic fields of the CDC Research Lab from a historical, theoretical or systematic perspective.
* Excellent proposed research project fitting one of the thematic fields of the CDC Research Lab (proposal of no more than 3 pages at 1.5 line spacing and font size 12)
* Familiarity with current methods of the appropriate thematic field
* Presence at the CDC Research Lab in Lüneburg

* Experience in the organisation and conception of academic conferences, summer schools and publications.
* Very good English language skills
* Interest in interdisciplinary exchange within a research intensive environment

This post is subject to the formal grant approval. Leuphana University Lüneburg is committed to increasing the proportion of women among academic staff. Qualified female researchers are therefore explicitly encouraged to apply. Applicants with severe disabilities will be preferred in accordance with legal regulations.

Applications with supporting documentation (including research proposal of no more than 3 pages) should be sent by 05. August 2013 to: Leuphana Universität Lüneburg; Personalservice; Frau Severloh;, Kennwort: Postdoc Re-Thinking a, b, c oder d; Scharnhorststraße 1; D – 21335 Lüneburg;bewerbung {AT} leuphana.de

For further questions on the four thematic fields, feel free to contact 
(a) Re-Thinking the Technological Condition: claus.pias {AT} leuphana.de
(b) Re-Thinking Sociality: goetz.bachmann {AT} leuphana.de
(c) Re-Thinking the Political: timon.beyes {AT} leuphana.de
(d) Re-Thinking Methods: martina.leeker {AT} leuphana.de

More information on the CDC is available at http://www.leuphana.de/en/zentren/cdc.html

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