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<nettime-ann> VJIC: Journal on Images and Culture Issue #3
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<nettime-ann> VJIC: Journal on Images and Culture Issue #3

Title: VJIC: Journal on Images and Culture Issue #3


The VASA is proud to announce

Issue #3

VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC)

The journal is designed as an open and free online publication.

VJIC Issue Three Is Now Online

Keiser Image
© Susan Keiser

Issue 3 Content

Dinosaur Bones: The End (and Ends) of Photo Criticism (Part 2)

What is Visual Literacy

Images of Elder People in Contemporary Documentary Projects

A River of Time and Memory

Death on the Beach

... A. D. Coleman

... Maureen Walters

... Natalya Reznik

... Susan Keiser

... Arvind Garg

Garg Image
© Arvind Garg

The VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC) is the latest in what VASA does best: melding the world of scholarship with the media-rich and collaborative nature of the web. The VJIC is a peer-reviewed international online journal for multimedia manuscripts, book reviews, and portfolios in the areas of photography, digital media art, media and visual literacy, and visual culture. Each manuscript, review, and portfolio supports reader comments and discussion with the author and between readers.

Open Call for Proposals

The VJIC is currently soliciting submissions for manuscripts that engage the reader through text, image, video, sound, and animation adding to current scholarship and aesthetic _expression_. For details on how to submit for publication, please see http://vjic.org/ and select submissions

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VASA is an online Center for Media Studies
with a focus on photography and digital media art

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