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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: the languages of the
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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: the languages of the banlieues

Title: new issue of transversal web journal: the languages of the banlieues

the languages of the banlieues
transversal web journal

In today’s French Banlieues the most diverse experiences of migration are condensed, in many cases against the backdrop of legacies and continuities of an ignored colonial history. However, views of the articulation of these experiences – the languages of the banlieues – all too often disperse into different fantasies of a certain deficit or a constantly self-obscuring surplus: while one side sees the sublime language of the nation deteriorating, the other sees an abundant linguistic diversity that, however, could also be a mere babel of languages; and whereas some, in view of burning cars for instance, see nothing but mute violence, others hear the crowing of a new revolution that has simply not yet found its true slogan. But what if the lack or failure of translation and articulation, which all these constructions in some way presume, first and foremost characterizes the social and political language of those who try to ban the banlieues in their own projections (only to turn them again into the “places of the ban”)?


Birgit Mennel / Stefan Nowotny: The Languages of the "Banlieues"
Anne Querrien: Heterolinguistic embroideries
Marc Hatzfeld: Babblings from France or Babel in the Ãle-de-France
Amina Bensalah / Myriam Suchet: Reprise-modification and heterolingual and heterophonic intertextuality in a few texts written and performed by “rappers”
Boris Seguin: Zadig and Voltaire in the best of Orwellian worlds?
Sonia Chikh (Les engraineurs): “The counter-attack is articulated in an associative way, through support and solidarity” (Interview)
Abdoulah Bensaid (Musik à Venir): “It’s a Tough Job Recreating Ties” (Interview)
FranÃoise Dibotto Soppi: "Game Rules Allow Us to Play in Our Lives" (Interview)

This issue of transversal is part of the project Europe as a Translational Space: The Politics of Heterolinguality, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): TRP34-G15.

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