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<nettime-ann> Link Editions Releases "Best of Rhizome 2012"
Domenico Quaranta on Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:27:22 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Link Editions Releases "Best of Rhizome 2012"

The Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age is pleased to announce the release of the book Best of Rhizome 2012, edited by Joanne McNeil. The book is available in paper form on Lulu.com and Amazon.com (upcoming), and as a free ebook on Linkartcenter.eu and wherever free books are downloaded. 

Best of Rhizome 2012 is a selection of texts published on the editorial platform of Rhizome in 2012. In the words of Rhizome’s Executive Director Heather Corcoran, the book is “not just a best of Rhizome’s work, but a portrait of the year that we hope will gain significance over time for its contextualization and articulation of artists’ practices. Artists are predictors and barometers of change, and sensitive to their cultural surroundings. From texts on production in the digital age, to the influence of the Occupy Movement, from drones and surveillance, to online vernacular – these collected essays give a sense of what was informing artists’ work, and by extension culture, in 2012.”

Best of Rhizome 2012 includes texts by Orit Gat, The Piracy Project, Rahel Aima, Angela Genusa, Adam Rothstein, Joanne McNeil, John Powers, Sarah Jaffe, Harry Burke, Giampaolo Bianconi, Jason Huff, Clement Valla, Rachel Wetzler, Yin Ho, Ben Fino-Radin, Paul Graham Raven, Honor Harger, Jordan Crandall, Maura Lucking, and Cole Stryker.

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Founded in 1996, Rhizome (http://rhizome.org/) is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.

Joanne McNeil (http://joannemcneil.com) is the former editor of Rhizome. She was a 2012 USC Annenberg / Getty Arts Journalism fellow. Her writing has appeared in Modern Painters, Wired UK, Frieze, The LA Times, the Paris Review Daily, The Boston Globe, n+1, and other web and print publications.

Link Editions is the Link Art Center publishing branch, that releases its books in print on demand and as e-books available for free download.


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