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<nettime-ann> Our 96 hour improv event this Friday!
Alan Sondheim on Tue, 4 Dec 2012 23:49:24 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Our 96 hour improv event this Friday!


Hi - have probably announced this before, but that was a while ago - this is the final - please stop in anytime if you're in NYC and can make it!

- Alan

Music Factory
A 96 hour continuous performance

December 8-11

Eyebeam Art+Technology Center
540 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

Music Factory will be one of the largest collaborations between creative improvisers ever. Starting at midnight on the night of December 7th, an ensemble composed of more than 70 musicians will come together to fashion an unbroken collective statement over 96 hours. The company, assembled by five curators, will include performances by Andrew D.Angelo, Ben Gerstein, Miguel Frasconi, Denman Maroney, Andrea Parkins, Josh Roseman, and numerous others . a galaxy of self-realized musical voices. For the complete lineup and more, please visit www.newlanguages.org.

In a world transformed by the internet and the concomitant collapse of the record industry, live music is largely confined to the same sandbox as ever: 45 minute sets at small venues and festivals. Music Factory interrogates the mode of musical production, looking for conditions that might serve the promise of improvised music in the 21st century. First, it is an experiment in continuous musical production at a single site: can creative music sustain the sort of working environment familiar to other industrial sectors? It performs this experiment for the emerging global audience of the internet: the performance will be broadcast live at newlanguages.org, where people will be able to discover and read more about new musicians as they listen. Finally, it will become a prototype of what an album can be in an era in which recordings no longer qualify as commodities. The performance will be made available in a browseable online interface, where people will be able to explore passages for years to come, like an LP writ large.


Aaron Ali Shaikh: Saxophones
Adam Hopkins: Bass
Alan Sondheim: Strings
Amelia Marzec: Voice
Andrea Parkins: Objects, Electronics
Andrew D'Angelo: Reeds
Andrew Lafkas: Bass
Anne Hege: Voice, Electronics
Azure Nicole Carter: Voice
Barry Weisblat: Electronics
Ben Gerstein: Trombone, Turntables
Benjamin Miller: Prepared Guitar
Brett Sroka: Trombone Electronics
Brian Chase: Drums
Cameron Wisch: Drums
Chris Diasparra: Saxophones
Chris Funkhouser: Voice
Chris McIntyre: Trombone, Electronics
Chuck Bettis: Electronics, Throat
Constance Cooper: Voice, Keyboards
Dan Blake: Saxophones
Dave Ruder: Clarinet, Laptop
Dave Sewelson: Baritone Saxophone
Denman Maroney: Hyperpiano
Edward Schneider: Saxophones
Ginger Dolden: Violin
Gregory Sogorka: Keyboard
Jackson Moore: Alto Saxophone, Flute, Electronics
Jacob Teichroew: Saxophone
James Ilgenfritz: Bass
Jamie Paul Lamb: Bass
Jay Rozen: Tuba
Joe Merolla: Cello
John Cacciatore: Drums
John Mark Rozendaal: Viola da Gamba
John Speck: Trombone
Jonathan Chen: Violin, Viola, Electronics
Jonathan Moritz: Reeds
Jonathan Wood Vincent: Keyboard
Josh Roseman: Trombone
Josh Rutner: Saxophones
Josh Sinton: Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Lukas Ligeti: Percussion
Mara Mayer: Clarinet
Matt Silberman: Saxophones
Miguel Frasconi: Electronics, Glass
Mike Pride: Drums
Myk Freedman: Lap Steel
Patrick Holmes: Clarinet
Pete Lanctot: Strings
Peter Krag: Keyboard
Peter Zummo: Trombone, Euphonium, Electronics
Ras Moshe: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Russ Flynn: Bass
Ryan Sawyer: Drums
Sam Morrison: Keyboards
Stephen Dydo: Qin
Tina Chancey: Strings
Tomoko Sugawara: Harp
Travis Just: Reeds
Wendy Ultan: Violin
Yuko Pepe: Guitar, Toys
Yuri Suzuki: Electronics

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