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Andrzej Raszyk on Thu, 13 Sep 2012 05:50:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> berlinerpool at BERLINER LISTE fair for contemporary art / 13-16 September 2012 / booth number K 0.07 /


Dear nettime-ann {AT} nettime.org, 

berlinerpool invites you to browse and open the physical collection of over 180 artists portfolios
and publications which will be presented at

BERLINER LISTE fair for contemporary art
13-16 September 2012 / booth number K 0.07 / 
MUMA Kopenicker Strasse 70 
10179 Berlin-Mitte.

Please find a full press note under following link

Facebook event

Creating the situation of a living archive by conducting interviews with the audience who visit 
BERLINER LISTE, the berlinerpool team consisting of curators and art historians, will provide 
background information on the artists, answer specific questions, guide visitors to searched themes 
and encourage a discussion. 

Visitors to the archive will have a chance to find themselves in the role of a researcher 
who stumbles, relying on his/her own intuition or with guidance of art professionals, upon 
well known and emerging artists. In the archived folders you will find portfolios, catalogues and videos. 
The focus of the archive is on Berlin based artists. 

berlinerpool is an artists initiative that structures a cooperative network of artists, curators 
and art spaces. The self curated, physical, mobile artists archive and online profile pages provide 
information about berlinerpool artists, curators and art spaces. berlinerpool offers consulting 
and research services for curators, develops its own projects and participates in exhibitions, 
events and forums.

Connect with us via facebook fan page for news and updates from BERLINER LISTE fair for contemporary art

Fringe events by berlinerpool during BERLINER LISTE
Thursday / 13.09.2012 / 6 pm / Andrzej Raszyk
Let’s get physical - presentation of berlinerpool

Sunday / 16.09.2012 / 3 pm / Will Marshall and Will Strong
Funding Arts: Management Concept of artist led space - the NewBridge Project / Newcastle, UK

BERLINER LISTE fair for contemporary art is an exhibition partner of berlinerpool in 2012 

Looking forward to meeting you at BERLINER LISTE fair for contemporary

With kindest regards, 

berlinerpool team

berlinerpool | mondaynews
donate via paypal donate {AT} berlinerpool.de
Soldiner str. 92
13359 Berlin 
T: 0049 (030) 499 15154 
F: 0049 (030) 499 13201
since 2009 an active member of 
Netzwerk unabhängiger Projekträume und -initiativen Berlin

raszyk {AT} berlinerpool.de

Andrzej Raszyk

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