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<nettime-ann> 3rd Space World Conference (start: March 15, 5 PM GMT)
Geert Lovink on Thu, 15 Mar 2012 14:05:16 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> 3rd Space World Conference (start: March 15, 5 PM GMT)

The 3rd Space World Conference 2012

The Next Step in Coworking: Serendipity Rules!


The 3rd Space World Conference 2012 introduces you to the world of sustainable coworking! As we believe time is the last hurdle to overcome to be able to ultimately work together globally, the 3rd Space World Conference will be a 24 hour (on & offline) co-created conference, starting on March 15th 17:00 (GMT) and ending at 17:00 the next day. During this conference speakers from across the world will share their knowledge and insights regarding the creation of sustainable (coworking) business models, the opportuntites that technology offers us and prospects for the future. Knowledge sharing, serendipity and Society 3.0 are some of the key elements that will be covered! The entire conference (on & offline) is free of charge!

Coworking spaces are popping up like mushrooms around the globe. Formally, a coworking place does not mean much more than affordable flex-desks with corresponding WiFi, mail address and perhaps a bit of storage room. However, the success of coworking spaces is not based on the formal setup, but on the materialisation of bringing social media back from its purely virtual existence into the real physical working environment: the Third Space*. Read more about our vision on coworking...

During this 24hr conference, we will share our experiences and insights with you, but we would like to ask you to share your knowledge by co-hosting this conference! During the conference we will pass on the baton to other countries in the world, the (virtual) floor can therefore also be yours! (Unfortunately it is not possible to contribute to the 3rd Space World Conference 2012 anymore)

Attendance to the conference could be interesting for anyone operating a coworking space or people who are tied to the concept of coworking. We belief it is the diversity within a group that allows great things to happen! The physical attendance in The Netherlands is by invitation only, however anyone, anywhere is free to join us virtually, click somewhere to find out how.

(via Sebastian Olma)

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