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<nettime-ann> Fwd: [London] 'Hacking the Borders' workshop {AT} Goldsmiths

Sorry for any cross overs...

'Hacking the Borders' workshop  {AT} Goldsmiths

The 'Hacking the Borders' workshop will be Tuesday 14th 14.30 – 16.30
in RHB 221.

/ 2.30pm-4.30pm / Hacking the Borders: We'll discuss different ways
that digital technology can support freedom of movement and the
struggles against detention & deportation. By exploring the untapped
potential of tech and sharing inspiring examples, we aim to generate
innovative ideas that can be prototyped after the Convergence. The
workshop is inspired by hacking, which is 'creatively overcoming or
circumventing limitations' and 'the reassembling of technology for
unintended purposes'. This is not a workshop aimed at programmers but
at anyone interested in the issues being tackled at the Convergence,
and who has a feeling that social media & technology can help break
through some barriers. [RHB 221]

Marc Garrett of internet arts collective http://www.furtherfield.org
will kick the session off with a few examples of 'Border Hacktivist
Art'. Where technologically aware artists are exploring not only
beyond traditional, established art contexts and their frameworks.
But, also creating new and imaginative engagements in hacking
transcending methods in activism.

Marc Garrett is an activist, artist, writer and co-director/founder
(with artist Ruth Catlow) of internet arts collective
http://www.furtherfield.org (since 96) and the Furtherfield Gallery &
social space in London. Through these platforms various contemporary
media arts exhibitions and projects are presented nationally and
internationally. Marc also hosts a weekly media arts radio programme
on Resonance FM, co-edited the publication "Artists Re: thinking
games" and is editing a new publication "Conversations As We Leave The
21st Century". He is currently undertaking a PhD at Birkbeck
University, London.

all welcome...

Seminars and workshops at the NoBorders Convergence

During the first three days of the Convergence there will be a series
of workshops and seminars taking place at Goldsmiths College in New
Cross, south east London. All workshops are happening in the Richard
Hoggart Building (RHB) of Goldsmiths unless otherwise stated. There
will be a welcome area in the Stretch in the Student Union building
next door to the Richard Hoggart Building, with tea, coffee, and
information about the Convergence. (See directions to Goldsmiths and
more practical info here).

Other Info:

Furtherfield - A living, breathing, thriving network
http://www.furtherfield.org - for art, technology and social change since 1997

Also - Furtherfield Gallery&  Social Space:

About Furtherfield:

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