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<nettime-ann> Fwd: [Vienna] sound:frame 2012 'substructions'

sound:frame 2012 'substructions'
Vienna, Austria
festival for audio:visual expressions 12. - 22.4.2012 // exhibition
MAK - 12.-29.4.2012


Entitled ‘substructions’, 2012 sees the sixth edition of sound:frame
for the first time putting forward for discussion a general framework
of audiovisual tendencies and works.  Themes like cultural economy,
positioning in the context of art and sustainability will be examined
with regard to the system “festival” and will then be put up for
discussion in the settings of exhibition, conference and supporting
programme. Economic, artistic, as well as social and ecologic
parameters will be demonstrated. An internal glimpse on the
sound:frame festival and its community will be sharpened by presenting
different perspectives and overarching expertise of related and
seemingly distant disciplines. A technical basis will be fixed in
place for the creative work, whereas as to content the artistic
positions will get absolute freedom. Due to this it will become
apparent which consequences a substruction of audiovisual tendencies
has and can have on creative realisation. As basis for further
development the concepts and insights of both the exhibition and
discourse programme ‘substructions’ should be analysed and discussed.

By now, sound:frame is able to have recourse to a substantial wealth
of experience. In the early days it was a priority to give something
new a try, to explore limits and boundaries and to assess places and
contexts in regards to their potential. With reference to
content-related, financial and organisational issues it is important
to accurately estimate external factors, to consolidate one’s own
structures and to successively adjust them to the known requirements.
After five years of experimenting and growing sound:frame takes this
logical step and consciously adapts itself to its given parameters.
The festival is becoming shorter and more compact, venues are becoming
more assessable. Artistic freedom and diversity come to the fore,
while at the same time the programme is realised in a grounded and
secured setting.

The support of a project becoming apparent on the surface is a rare
occurrence. The result presents itself, the substruction stays
obscure. However, the base frame is equally important as the
programming. No festival without know-how, a 60-strong team and
funding. No artistic installation without a competent technical
partner who understands concerns. In 2012 sound:frame wants to make
conditions which are rarely in the focus of attention more transparent
and in the process concretely discuss the construct “festival” and
generally debate current cultural tendencies.

At the end of 2011 an exciting discussion was developing in the
visualist scene. In the course of this, key questions like evaluating
the definition of the term “visuals” were emerging again. Many
protagonists from various parts of the Viennese and Austrian scene
have adopted diverse definitions, therefore a classification of
visualisation into subgenres makes sense. sound:frame began as a
classic VJ festival, however, the AV genre and the collaboration of
different artists from various divisions has become more and more
important. Because of this, different tendencies within the VJ scene
and the positioning of sound:frame festival in this growing field will
be discussed over the course of the program me.


As an artistic focus of this year’s exhibition at Vienna’s MAK, the
gallery on the museum’s upper floor will feature an extensive room
installation, which will be contextually put to use by audiovisual
artists.  Adapting to a certain base frame has its advantages and
disadvantages: the restricted choice of instruments entails security
in both technological and financial terms. Content-wise, it is
important that the works preserve their independence. Fundamentally,
the content and aesthetic approach, chosen by the artists to make the
installation their own, is in the foreground.


Alongside the artistic part the exhibition presents, in a theoretical
mediation, a perspective on various disciplines and hence generates a
range of topics, of which the limits are already defined in round
table discussions in the months preceding the festival. These round
tables are documented beforehand and will then be presented in the
sound:frame exhibition at MAK. Three subject areas show interview
segments and expert statements, and furthermore offer selected
theoretical texts.

1. Festival is… (in cooperation with coded cultures)
Together with another important Viennese media festival - coded
cultures -  a discourse programme is curated, which  gets to the
bottom of the system “festival”. What might a festival be able to
offer for an international community? Which formats should a festival
include? Should the construct festival even be questioned? Which
substruction is necessary to realise a reasonable festival? Which
structures have to be given or created?
2. Positioning in the (artistic) system (in cooperation with departure)
Alongside experts from such areas like Creative Industries, economy,
law, art and politics the question of positioning of audiovisual,
intercreative tendencies and festivals in an artistic/creative context
or system is proposed. Are audiovisual artists able to establish
themselves in the system of visual arts? Are visuals to be treated as
part of “applied arts”? Is it possible for a multidisciplinary
multimedia festival to clearly define and position itself?
3. Economic and ecologic sustainability in relation to works of
multimedia festivals and community (in cooperation with Biorama)
Current tendencies regarding the efficient dealing with required
resources are discussed together with experts from such areas like
ecology, sociology and economy. Questions concerning affordable steps
for audiovisual or multimedia festivals to become sustainable in a
both economic and ecological sense are in the centre of attention.
Which developments could forward certain institutions or artists?


In the course of the departure conference 2012 key subjects of the
exhibition “substructions” will be discussed in open forums and
Experts from various areas are invited to present their perspective. A
focus on the system “festival” and, especially, the international
platform sound:frame is crucial here: What can a Viennese festival
accomplish in regards to the international community? What might be
the contributions of an audiovisual project towards sustainability?
How can audiovisual artists work with creative commons licences more
accurately? Which kind of art sector can be opened up? What
substruction has to be predefined in order to exist realistically and

13.4./ 14.4.2012 ::: MAK – Auditory


On two weekends - Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - selected Viennese
locations host, as is usual, a progressive and comprehensive
audiovisual live programme.
For the first time, the programme concentrates on three locations -
MAK (museum for applied arts), the coproduction house and performance
theatre ‘brut’ and the club ‘Fluc’. As always, the premises will be
visually redesigned. Apart from special AV acts the programme features
international and national music live acts and DJs, as well as visual
live shows and installations.

The first items on the programme will be announced at the end of January 2012.


Natasha Tomilova
international communications
int.press {AT} soundframe.at

Design After Next, design technology
>> http://www.designAfterNext.com

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