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<nettime-ann> [Torino] Fwd: [spectre] SPOTLIGHT ON... CONFERENCES | Share Festival | Cops & Robbers

here's a sneak preview of the conference programme, which will be
bringing together leading international artists, designer, thinkers
and storytellers.

Giorgio Scianca
Architects' BOOK: Fictional architects in cinema
Friday 4th November - 5.00 pm – Regional Museum of Natural Science
Scianca has created the biggest database ever of movie clips focused
on architecture and the figure of the architect—starting from the
consideration that one hundred years of cinema as a global medium
means one hundred years of the architect as a modern figure.

Steve Kurtz
Art & Discipline
Friday 4th November - 6.00 pm - Regional Museum of Natural Science
Steve Kurtz is a founder of the Critical Art Ensemble. Renowned
internationally for its scientific critique and counter-information
activities, this historic American group is a collective of artists
and scientists focused on the exploration of the intersections of art,
biotechnology and activism, through performances, live experiments and
non-violent sabotage. Steve Kurtz, wrongly arrested for bioterrorism
in the United States in 2004, has become a symbol of political art
activism. In partnership with the Parco d'Arte Vivente.

Joseph Grima | Enzo Lavolta | Simone Arcagni | Moderated by Simona Lodi
Architecture, Communications & New Media
Sunday 6th November - 4.00 pm - Regional Museum of Natural Science
The Internet, participation, urban screens and media-architecture are
transforming the town into an informational city and media city. A
debate on how architecture and urban planning are changing approach
and seeking new models in design, planning and construction. Social
networks, wi-fi spots, urban screens, portable media, locative
media... the contemporary metropolis is criss-crossed with
interconnected communication flows. With all this actively mapped, the
citizen is a user able to observe and participate, but also a user
that is observed at the same time.

Bruce Sterling
>From Net.Art to Tech Art, and what comes next
Sunday 6th November - 6.00 pm - Regional Museum of Natural Science
The best way to understand the future is to look twice as far into the
past. Fifteen years ago, "net.art" was created to name a distinctly
new form of art that used the Internet as its creative platform.
Nowadays half the world's population is on the World Wide Web, and
people have begun to speak of the "Legacy Internet" as an
old-fashioned business. The novelty of the Internet as an art platform
has gone away. New net-based institutions have sprung up:
crowdsourcing, Processing software, Arduino controller boards,
fabricators, and a maker-culture that shares its algorithms.
What is likely to happen in the next seven years?

For information on all the conferences, see the programme on-line




Simona Lodi
art director
Cops&  Robbers | Share Festival 7th ed.
art in digital culture
2/13 November 2011
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Torino - IT
SMIR Sant'Evasio
Multimedia Center
European Project Alcotra
Mondovi - Embrun
The Sharing
Via Rossini 3 - 10124 Torino (IT)
phone: 0039.011.588.36.93
skype: simona.share.festival

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