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<nettime-ann> the book is out: Art++ / the text: Notions of the Program
Darko Fritz on Wed, 6 Jul 2011 22:07:12 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> the book is out: Art++ / the text: Notions of the Program in 1960s Art – Concrete, Computer-generated and Conceptual Art

Notions of the Program in 1960s Art â Concrete, Computer-generated and Conceptual Art
by Darko Fritz

The book Art++, edited by David-Olivier Lartigaud presents text by Darko Fritz "La notion de  programme  dans lâart des annÃes 1960 â art concret, art par ordinateur et art conceptuel". Paper was presented at the conference Art-oriented programming 2 (Programmation orientÃe-art 2) at the AmphithÃÃtre Richelieu of the Sorbonne, Paris, 20th October 2007.

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Editions HYX (Architecture-Art contemporain-Cultures numÃriques), OrlÃans

editor: David-Olivier Lartigaud

contributors : Inke Arns, Samuel Bianchini, Andreas Broeckmann, Christophe Bruno, Wendy Chun, Geoff Cox, Florian Cramer, Anne-Marie Duguet, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Darko Fritz, Matthew Fuller, Alexander Galloway, Olga Goriunova, Graham Harwood, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Anne Laforet, David-Olivier Lartigaud, Geert Lovink, Nathalie Magnan, Alex McLean, Karen OâRourke, Miller Puckette, Gilles Rouffineau, Antoine Schmitt, Nicolas ThÃly, Sylvie Tissot, Jo Walsh, Adrian Ward

French edition only
456 pages four-colour
ISBN : 978-2-910385-51-4

Since the late 1990s, a âback to programmingâ movement in the production of digital artworks has been gaining momentum. Although the artist is no longer obliged to also be a programmer to be able to utilize computers, as was the case in the âpioneering daysâ of computer generated art in the 1960s and â70s, writing oneâs own code is becoming a contemporary way to assert a certain intellectual and creative independence...
By gathering a selection of texts, original and/or hitherto unpublished in French, this book placed under the direction of David-Olivier Lartigaud, seeks to analyze and to understand this new approach to the question of computer /art through a unique look at contemporary thinking in this domain. Art ++ is the first title of Script, the collection dedicated to digital culture published by Ãditions HYX.

The development of digital technologies is determining new artistic and cultural challenges. ART++ aims to analyze and understand the rise of programming culture in our world, one composed of algorithms, data, statistics and networks. This debut title of the collection Script, directed by David-Olivier Lartigaud, presents a selection of original texts and texts hitherto unpublished in French by some thirty authors.

Software Art

Software Art involves a heterogeneous group of practices associating reappropriation of interfaces, development of experimental software applications, generation of bugs and viruses as well as search engines and social networks. All the production in this domain is symptomatic of a transformation of the relationship between art and the computer. Although it is no longer necessary for the artist to a programmer to be able to utilize these machines, as was the case in the time of the âpioneersâ, writing code is becoming a contemporary way of affirming oneâs intellectual and creative independence. The interviews and texts on theory comprising this book seek to decode this âreturn to programmingâ increasingly manifested in the production of artworks.

A mutation of cultural practices

The challenge of these creations is not just restricted to the technical horizon technique; it also consists of exposing the wellsprings of our globalized and controlled society. An exponentially increasing number of applets made available for downloading, copying and for linking to networks has opened a new area of analysis and reflection for art. Although linked to computer programming by their essence, the projects dealt with in this book demonstrate total freedom in terms of forms and pose the question of what âartworksâ are.  These texts, between aesthetics, criticism and politics enable the reader to analyze the issues and theories linked to the digital revolution and to understand contemporary thinking in this field.

Art ++, Collection Script
The first book of the new collection from Ãditions HYX dedicated to digital cultures, Art++ was developed under the direction of DavidâOlivier Lartigaud. Discovering the challenges related to digital culture, pondering the convergences and mutations underway, understanding the dissolution of the barriers between the sciences and techniques, sharing the controversies and debates on future trends; these aims are the guidelines of the Script collection.

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