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Iannis Zannos on Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:52:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Supercollider, Processing, openFrameworks and animation workshop in Corfu, July 15-30


Below is the announcement for the Ambiant Creativity workshop 2011 held in Corfu July 15-30.


Please contact me if interested.Â

Iannis Zannos


The Ambiant Creativity Summer Workshop in Digital Arts 2011 combines art projects of the participants with lectures and exercises on techniques of animation, real time sound processing and interaction. The workshop will take place at the independent culture center "Polytechno" in Corfu from the 15th to the 30th of July. The workshop is addressed to students as well as artists who want to develop their skills in the use of open source software for animation and sound such as Processing, SuperCollider, openFrameworks, Blender3D and SuperCollider. Other widely used software, such as After Effects, Flash Studio, Pencil Plus is also included the instruction program. Both beginners and more advanced users are accepted, and the teaching schedule includes coaching for individual projects by the participants.

The teaching program consists of two 4-hour sessions daily, one dedicated to graphics and animation and one on sound and interaction. Each session consists of a one-hour lecture and three hours of exercises. In parallel with the group instruction sessions, independent project work is foreseen, so that participants can adapt their work to their individual interests. Furthermore, Vasilis Bouzas will coordinate projects dealing with digital sampling or recording of the environment of Corfu, as a basis for artworks thatinvestigate the social, environmental or historical aspects of the city, leading into re-constructions or interventions.

The last three days of the seminar are dedicated to the presentation of project results in the form of installations and concerts or audiovisual presentaitons.

Three young artists that participate in the Ambiant Creativity project will also be present at the workshop: JÃrÃme Bertholon (France), Omer Chatziserif (Greece) and Damien Marhulets (Germany).

The Ambiant Creativity Summer Workshop 2011 is organized by the Departments ofÂAudiovisual ArtsÂand ofÂMusicÂof the Ionian University, in cooperation with members of faculty from the School of Visual Design and Art Studies of the Technical Institute of Athens and the School of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia. The workshop is organized within the framework of the European ProjectÂAmbiant Creativity.


The instructors are:

  1. Ioannis Zannos, Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University, (Computer Music and Interactive Arts).
  2. Eleni Mouri, School of Visual Design and Art Studies of the Technical Institute of Athens (Animation)
  3. Aris Bezas, Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University, (Graphics Synthesis and Interactive Arts).
  4. Vasilis Bouzas, School of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia (Installations, Digital Narratives-Networks)
  5. Konstantinos Tiligadis, Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University (2D and 3D Animation)

Wokshop Schedule

  • Week 1: Basic TechniquesÂ
    • A. Graphics 1: AnimationÂ

      2D ÎÎÎ 3D animation montage, stop motion, pixellation, fileters etc.

      1. Organization of Time, Timeline and Key Frames.
      2. Human Walking Movement
      3. Human and Quadruped Running Movement
      4. Movement Trajectories
      5. Movements of winged creatures (birds, mythological creatures etc.)
      6. The 12 basic principles of animation
      7. Extended animation techniques and live action techniques
      8. Stop Motion, Pixellation, Filters
      9. Tools for the creation of 2D and 3D models
    • B. Graphics 2: Interactive Real Time GraphicsÂ
      1. Introduction to Graphics Synthesis with Processing
      2. 2D and 3D Graphics Methods in Processing
      3. Fundamental Interactive Techniques in Processing
      4. Communication with other Applications via OSC
      5. Image feature extraction and motion tracking in Processing
      6. Introduction to graphics programming in openFrameworks
      7. Communication between sound and image software in real time via OSC
    • C. SoundÂ
      1. Introduction to the principles of Digital Sound Synthesis
      2. Introduction to Sound Programming in SuperCollider
      3. Sound Synthesis Techniques 1: Additive Synthesis
      4. Music Structures 1: Introduction to Patterns
      5. Învelopes
      6. Basic interaction techniques and Graphical User Interface
      7. Sound Synthesis Techniques 2: Filters and Subtractive Synthesis
      8. Working with prerecorded Sound Samples)
      9. OSC and communication with other applications
      10. Sond Synthesis Techniques 3: FM, Wavetables, Granular Synthesis, Physical Modeling, Spectral Modeling
  • Week 2: Advanced Techniques and Creative ProjectsÂ
    • D Interaction programming in openFrameworksÂ
      1. Motion tracking with the Kinect camera
      2. Control of openFrameworks through SuperCollider via OSC
    • E. Intermediate and advanced techniques in SuperColliderÂ
      1. Piece macrostructure definition with Patterns, Routines etc.
      2. Communicating with several applications in a network
      3. Project organization, Object Oriented Programming Techniques
    • F. Independent ProjectsÂ

      In parallel with projects proposed by the participants, there will be projects involving the sampling, analysis and processing of data from the environment of Corfu.

Participation fee

The participation fee for the workshop is 150 Euro. This is payable upon arrival at the location of the workshop.


To register for the workshop, please email Aris Bezas (aribezas [at] gmail [dot] com) ÎÎÎ ÎÎÎÎÎÎ ÎÎÎÎÎ (zannos [at] gmail [dot] com), or use this page for online registration::Âhttp://ambiant.earlab.org/workshop2011/en/registration.html

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