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<nettime-ann> 30-5-11 banzai film
{ brad brace } on Wed, 1 Jun 2011 13:57:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> 30-5-11 banzai film

Banzai Films: for a limited time -- free as I make 'em:
sudden/short/small mp4 films loosely based on the japanese
tsunami in 2011 -- includes improvised kite-cam
shoreline-imagery with contemporary phased audio pastiche...

latest films:

 http://iabrace.com       banzai30-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai29-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai28-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai27-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai26-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai25-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai24-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai23-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai22-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai21-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai20-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai19-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai18-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai17-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai16-5-11.mp4
 http://iabrace.com       banzai15-5-11.mp4

2011 banzai films by brad brace: http://www.iabrace.com/

please download, then view: 176*144 vlc recommended;
these films were all made with a palm-sized $100 camera
and perplexing open-source software; brad brace has been
refused corrupt-bogus cultural/institutional funding, employment,
and representation for 40 years; the time has long come to
wash-away this stupidly-obscene feudal arts-system. For every
star-driven enterprise there are corollary benefits for those
who support it and keep their mouths shut. Criminal institutions
who perpetuate the malicious scam of "art history" shall have
their plunder expropriated and denizens/acolytes terminated.

($50 dvd pre-orders include the molecular-recidivist-cultural
essay "fire ring theory" and available through
  http://bradbrace.net/buy-into.html )

~ earlier filmworks include:

"silent innings" are curious little mp4s of a nicaraguan
baseball scoreboard made in 2008; fanboat films are short
mp4 artworks by brad brace, originally posted on facebook in
2009 -- wild outboard sax music amid shifting layered
imagery inspired by florida fanboats and columbia river
barge traffic -- special bonus collection:  matchbook movies
from 1984 (small quicktime movies intended for
looped-viewing in a corner of your desktop) over 87 films in
all! http://tinyurl.com/43g8w52 http://stores.lulu.com/bbrace
 ($65/dvd lulu or $50 from me)


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