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<nettime-ann> 'Text to the Paratext' - an Evening with Sean Dockray at S
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<nettime-ann> 'Text to the Paratext' - an Evening with Sean Dockray at Smart Project Space, Amsterdam 23 May

'Text to the Paratext' - An Evening with Sean Dockray

23 May 2011â
Smart Project Space
âArie Biemondstraat 105 (Auditorium), Amsterdam
20.15 doors open, 20.30 â 22.00 presentation
FREE entrance

The Institute of Network Cultures and CREATE-IT Applied Research Centre atâthe Hogeschool van Amsterdam are pleased to present an evening withâL.A.-based artist and theorist Sean Dockray. As an adjunct event of theâUnbound Book conference (19 â 21 May, Amsterdam & Den Haag), thisâevening will offer both conference goers and a wider public the chance toâhear more about Seanâs work as a designer and writer who emphasizes anâactive, critical engagement with technology. The evening will pit Sean inâconversation with net critic Geert Lovink and curator Annet Dekker, asâDockray presents his work crafting online and offline non-institutionalânetworks and archives, including the AAAARG digital library and The PublicâSchool, now found in several cities worldwide.

Geert Lovink is a net critic and the founding director of the Institute ofâNetwork Cultures.

Annet Dekker is independent curator and researcher whose subjects ofâinterest are the influence of new media, science and popular culture onâart and vice versa.

This event is made possible by Smart Project Space and the ForeignâVisitors Program at Virtueel Platform.

For information on the Unbound Book Conference, please visit the website:âhttp://e-boekenstad.nl/unbound/

See also Matthew Fullerâs interview with Sean Dockray in Mute:âhttp://www.metamute.org/en/articles/in_the_paradise_of_too_many_books

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