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<nettime-ann> Call for Proposals: Goethe Satellite Vancouver
Kate Armstrong on Fri, 6 May 2011 19:29:59 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Call for Proposals: Goethe Satellite Vancouver

Call for Proposals
The Goethe Satellite Vancouver
A new German-Canadian arts initiative by the Goethe-Institut Toronto
The Goethe-Institut is embarking on a 2-year initiative to create the Goethe
Satellite, a programming framework where artists and curators are invited to
develop projects in Vancouver.

Satellites are mobile platforms that connect people and enable global
networks through the reception and transmission of sound, image, data and
text. The Goethe Satellite is a moving hub that journeys throughout
Vancouver collecting and distributing the voices of collaborating artists,
spaces, and curators.

Rather than establishing itself within a singular space, the goal of the
Goethe Satellite is to facilitate unique site-specific projects and pop-up
spaces around the city, where artists, organizations and collectives will
have the opportunity to collaborate, perform, and show work that expands
current artistic practices.

The concept is flexible and fluid, and at the same time defined by the
objectives of the Goethe-Institut. The Satellite becomes a way of showcasing
the intersections of space, community, culture, art, and time. By using
different spaces for limited times, the initiative will be able to evolve in
both form and feeling within different geographical spaces around the city.
For 50 years, the Goethe-Institut has been promoting dialogue and exchange
between Canadian and German artists. The Satellite emerges from the
Goethe-Institut¹s interest in exploring experimental concepts within
contemporary art today, in multiple locations with flexible structures. The
Institut believes that Vancouver¹s unique location and artistic milieu
provides the ideal setting for the Satellite concept.

Goethe Satellite Program Organization:

4 projects will be presented annually at the Goethe Satellite. To propose
projects for the 2011/12 season, artists, organizations and collectives must
submit a project concept by May 25, 2011.

A concrete project concept, maximum 3 pages, with budget including
honorarium, travel costs, venue costs, and production costs (the
contribution of the Goethe-Institut is limited to max. $3000) as well as
related media, biographies and links or samples of work, should be sent to:

Sonja Griegoschewski, Goethe-Institut Toronto, Director
 director {AT} toronto.goethe.org

Projects will be assessed in relation to the following criteria and will
involve discussion between the Goethe-Institut Toronto and the Goethe
Satellite Vancouver¹s project partner Revised Projects as well as any other
local organizations or spaces proposed for your project.

Profile & Criteria:
* Who can apply: Canadian and German artists, curators, collectives,
* Focus: Project proposals must be in line with the overall Goethe-Institut
mandate of presenting important cultural positions, contemporary ideas and
arts practices from Germany to Canada and Canadian audiences. German
³content² can be in the form of a collaboration with or involvement of a
German artist or curator, a Germany-related topic, a relevant intercultural
encounter or exploration.
* Geographic and cultural relevance: Projects should be relevant to West
Coast/B.C./Vancouver arts scene and may bridge cultural relationships with
Asia-Pacific region
* Content & formats: Projects should focus on dialogue, exchange,
experimentation and innovation and may involve a variety of practices
including video, media art, photography, sound, electronic music, social
media, telematics, or performance
* Target audiences: Concepts or project components should be accessible and
attractive to audiences of all ages
* Please note that the Goethe Satellite is not directed at German heritage
projects or academic studies but at professional artistic endeavours.
For more information on the work of the Goethe-Institut Toronto, see our

Principles of Collaboration:

The Goethe Satellite blog will be available soon: www.goethe.de/satellite

More: http://revisedprojects.com/goethe-institut-vancouver-satellite/

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