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<nettime-ann> Jane's Walk at Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre
Artscape on Wed, 4 May 2011 05:01:18 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Jane's Walk at Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre


Come see what we're doing in Regent Park!

Jane's Walk to the Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre This Weekend

On Saturday, May 7 & Sunday, May 8, take a Jane's Walk through the rapidy-changing Regent Park neighbourhood and hear from long time residents and newcomers to the community, who will share their stories of what was, what is, and what is still to come. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre, located at the heart of the Regent Park Revitalization.

As always, Jane’s Walk is FREE and tours run rain or shine. No reservations are needed – JUST SHOW UP!


Regent Park Revitalized
Meeting Location: Daniels Presentation Centre, 500 Dundas St. East (150m east of Parliament St.)
Times: 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45, 12:00 am daily

Tour Length: 2 hours
Tour Stations:

#1: Daniels Presentation Centre, 500 Dundas St. E

#2: 1 Cole Street

#3: "Big Park" and Aquatic Centre

#4: Peace Garden

#5: Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre

#6: 14 Blevins Place / Nelson Mandela Public School

#7: Children and Youth Hub & Regent Park Focus

#8: Regent Park Centre for Learning, 540 Dundas St. E

Seniors, adults and youth, along with representatives from Toronto Community Housing and the Daniels Corporation, the project’s developer, will all be contributing to the conversation. 

The tour will wrap up with a showcase of digital stories, photographs and short films created by residents, while we are treated to delicious snacks prepared by community members.

Click below to see construction progress on the Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre!

What is Jane's Walk?
Jane’s Walk celebrates the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out exploring their neighbourhoods and meeting their neighbours. Free walking tours held on the first weekend of May each year are led by locals who want to create a space for residents to talk about what matters to them in the places they live and work. Since its inception in Toronto in 2007, Jane’s Walk has expanded rapidly. In May of 2010, 424 walks were held in 68 cities in nine countries.

For more information, visit www.janeswalk.net

What is the Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre?
The Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre is one of the most important building blocks of the revitalization of the Regent Park neighbourhood. Dedicated to experience, learning and innovation, the Centre is poised to become the artistic, cultural and social core of the new neighbourhood.

Now under construction, this 60,000 square foot, multi-tenant facility is located on Dundas Street East between Sumach and Sackville Streets. Its three floors will include a large performance venue, space for arts and social enterprise organizations, and youth-oriented arts programming. Tenants of the facility include: ArtHeart Community Art Centre, Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum, Centre for Social Innovation, COBA Collective of Black Artists, Native Earth Performing Arts, Regent Park Film Festival, and the Regent Park School of Music.

For more information, visit www.regentparkarts.ca


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