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<nettime-ann> U.K Symposium Invitation!!!!
ABD ROHMAN on Sat, 30 Apr 2011 19:35:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> U.K Symposium Invitation!!!!


2011 International Symposium on Human Trafficking, Violence and Terrorism

  As mentioned above, it is my great honor to inform you that the
Administrative of Social Humanitarian Activist Organization (SHAO) here in
London, England is organizing an international meeting against Human
Trafficking / Violence/ Terrorism and Child Abuse. It is our pleasure to
invite you to join hands with us to participate in this international
Conference. The date for the up coming meeting is as follows:

Date: 6th-10th June 2011 London, England

Date: 13th-17th June 2011 Dakar Senegal West Africa

The main objective of this international meeting is to provide opportunities
for participants from all over the world to openly exchange and evaluate
viewpoints regarding global issues.

The theme of the upcoming conference is â01CHuman Trafficking and Child
Abuseâ01D. The event is supported by many oversea universities including
Manchester United (UK) Purdue University (U.S.), The George Washington
University (U.S.), Oklahoma State University (U.S.), University of Central
Florida (U.S.), University of Nevada (U.S.), University of Queensland
(Australia), Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands etc. The
above-mentioned universities will be co-initiators of this symposium.

The organizing committees is responsible for visa arrangement for both
countries London, England and Dakar Senegal for all interested participant
requiring visa to London, England and Dakar Senegal West Africa. The visa
will be process and authorized in England by the British High Commission and
Citizenship in-conjunction with the European Department of Homeland security
EU, Visa confirmation will be sent by fax to the U.K Consulate in your
country and a copy will be to delegate.

The organizing committee is also responsible for delegates air round trip
tickets for the both countries and accommodation here in London, England.
Researchers and individuals of different organization from all over the
world are fully invited to attend this conference and to share with others,
their experience on the causes of international Human Trafficking. For
details concerning registration and presentation of papers, please contact
the event secretary via Email,

Head of secretariat
External Affairs Director of SHAO
Email: secretrydesk10 {AT} aim.com 

We hope to receive your reply regarding your interest for participation in
order for us to make further arrangement. For further inquiries, please do
not hesitate to write us.

Mrs. Carolyn Zander,
Staff and Member,
Social Humanitarian Activist Organization
carolyza {AT} aim.com

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