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<nettime-ann> New issue release event for the publication of Left Curve
Csaba Polony on Sun, 17 Apr 2011 21:10:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> New issue release event for the publication of Left Curve no. 35

Our new issue, Left Curve no. 35, has been published.


If you live in the SF Bay Area, please join us at our new issue release event:

With presentations/readings by:

- Dee Allen - Dominic Angerame -  Rebecca Bella - Antoninette Constable - 
- Susan Galleymore - Laura Hudson - Dottie Payne - Csaba Polony - 
- Miguel Robles - Jon Michael Turner - Lauro Vazquez - Antonieta Villamil -

(Program subject to change)

City Lights Bookstore
261 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 
Thursday, April 28, 2011
7:00 P.M.

P. J. Laska: Nightfall for AWOL: The Dimming of the Dream & the Search for an Alternative
Laura Hudson: The Political Animal: Species-Being and Bare Life. Timothy Cook: Background Check (poem). 
Ted Dace: Animals and Monsters. Maureen Wallner: Bandit (novel excerpt). 
A. Clare Brandabur: The Year Without a Summer: Climate Change Past and Future. Pete Rugh: As If  (poem). 
Csaba Polony: Fenhofer’s Beast (graphic). “Let the Saint Automatons Work”: Interview with Tamás St.Auby (translated from Hungarian by Csaba Polony). Dmytri Kleiner: The Telekommunist Manifesto (selections). 
Surface Politics: Looking Beneath Aesthetics & Formalism (exhibit organized by Theodore A. Harris). 
Theodore A. Harris: Collage and Conflict: A Triptych Manifesto. Gene Ray: Adorno, Brecht and Debord: Three Models for Resisting the Capitalist Art System. Richard Gilman-Opalsky: Upheaval as Philosophy: Eleven Theses on Guy Debord. E. San Juan, Jr.: Leading Filipino Writers in the U.S.: Fin-de-Siecle Notes on Carlos Bulosan, Jose Garcia Villa, Jessica Hagedorn, & Bienvenido Santos. Changming Yuan: Post Modernization (poem). 
Steve Redhead: Archaeology of the Post-Future. Dominic Angerame: The Brutal Reality of Change
Antoinette Constable: Dresses for Sally (poem). Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber: Whitewashing History: Israeli Media & the Yemenite Babies Affair. Susan Galleymore: “The same ground you walk on, we do too...”: Poet Tyeema, a student in the Palestine Education Project (PEP). Revolutionary Poets Brigade: Mission Statement, Introduction & Selected Poems from the Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology by: Najwan Darwish, Dee Allen, Denize Lotu/Denize Lauture, Ziba Karbassi, Miguel Robles, AntonietaVillamill, Jon Michael Turner, Fernando Rendón, Lauro Vazquez. Dottie Payne: Review: The Arcanes by Jack Hirschman. William T. Hathaway: Radical Peace: People Refusing War. St.John Ó Donnabháin: The Struggle Against the Corrib Gas Pipeline: A Story of State and Corporate Corruption. David Brian Howard: Pelado. Delia D. Aguilar: Social Movements and the Academy
Harvey Whitney: Postmodernism, Corporatism and the Myth of Critical Thinking in the Human Disciplines.
 Ali Shehzad Zaidi: Rediscovering Thomas Paine and the Sacred Text of Nature
Jack Hirschman: The Book of the Face Arcane (poem). 144 pp.

Editorial statement:
Left Curve is an artist-produced open, critical journal that addresses the problem(s) of culural forms, emerging from the crises of modernity, that strive to be independent from the control of dominant institutions, and free from the shackles of instrumental rationality. Our orientation is premised on the recognition of the destructiveness of commodity systems to all life, and the need to build a non-commodified culture that could potentially create a more harmoneous relationship among people, and between the human and natural world. We encourage open, critical, defetishized work that attempt to unravel, reveal, contemporary (inner/outer) reality in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect for the human condition. Each issue is a mix of traditional and/or experimental essays, graphics, photographs, visual/verbal art, poems, fiction, documents, reviews, etc. 

Left Curve Publications
PO Box 472
Oakland, CA 94604-0472
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