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<nettime-ann> Interview with Sarah Cook: ART, NEW MEDIA AND THE CURATORI
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<nettime-ann> Interview with Sarah Cook: ART, NEW MEDIA AND THE CURATORIAL


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In conversation with Sarah Cook

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The book "Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media" was published in March 2010 by MIT Press and immediately became a standard work about current developments in the field of curating new media art. It explores the characteristics distinctive to new media art, including its immateriality and its questioning of time and space, and relates them to such contemporary art forms as video art, conceptual art, socially engaged art, and performance art. The authors Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham, both of whom have extensive experience as curators, offer numerous examples of artworks and exhibitions to illustrate how the roles of curators and audiences can be redefined in light of new media art’s characteristics. They discuss modes of curating, from the familiar default mode of the museum, through parallels with publishing, broadcasting, festivals, and labs, to more recent hybrid ways of working online and off, including collaboration and social networking. Rethinking Curating offers curators a route through the hype around platforms and autonomous zones by following the lead of current artists' practice.

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Sarah Cook is a curator and writer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. She is currently a research fellow at the University of Sunderland where she co-founded and co-edits CRUMB, the online resource for curators of new media art and teaches on the MA Curating course.


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