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<nettime-ann> [ann] Multimedia Night
Manuela Benetton on Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:34:16 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Multimedia Night

Dear All,
I've just joined this mailing list and I would like to invite you to the Multimedia Night
which will take place on saturday 19th March at N.K., Elsen strasse 52 in Berlin.
Sorry for cross-posting, feel free to forward.
Thank you very much for your kind attention

Manuela Benetton, independent curator.

John Duncan/ Robert Piotrowicz/ Domenico Sciajno/ Valerio Tricoli/ Ursula Scherrer

John Duncan
electroacoustic composition

Robert Piotrowicz
analogue synthesizer, electronics

Neither beginning nor end
Multichannel Video and Sound Performance:

Domenico Sciajno: computer, lights
Valerio Tricoli: revox b77, strobes.
Ursula Scherrer: multichannel video

John Duncan

John Duncan portrays his work as a catalyst, inciting a transmission of energy through which he seeks to compel the audience to actively participate in the process of investigation and self-discovery. His lengthy career of electroacoustic intensity and confrontational performance art events is the result of rigorous investigations into a number of arcane, metaphysical, and at times transgressive themes. Duncan is a rare artist who is totally immersed in existential research. â Jim Haynes, The Wire.

John Duncan was born in the United States, currently lives and works in Bologna, Italy.


Robert Piotrowicz
analogue synthesizer, electronics

Piotrowicz is a sound artist, composer and improviser, playing contemporary electro-acoustic music and through-composed noise. His main tools as an instrumentalist are modular synth and guitar. Heâs an experienced improviser, working with worldâs leading sound artists and musicians. He has composed/created numerous solo projects (recordings, performances), interdisciplinary projects (scores for Theatre plays , literary and radio projects) and abstract sound installations and participated in many art events around the world.
Piotrowicz is the co-founder and curator of the Musica Genera label/festival since 1999 and has many other contemporary sound art festivals and projects in Poland and abroad.





Neither beginning nor end
Multichannel Video and Sound Performance

Domenico Sciajno: computer, lights
Valerio Tricoli: revox b77, strobes.
Ursula Scherrer: multichannel video

Neither beginning nor end.
Only the fleeting moments and the interplay of sound and light determine the performance of electronic musicians Domenico Sciajno and Valerio Tricoli with visual artist Ursula Scherrer.
Carefully chosen transparent and prepared fabric sheets divide the space. They become a summarization of the surrounding architecture. Simultaneously they divide and connect to create a three-dimensional labyrinth of video projection, that is always changing and in which the audience and the artist can find and lose their way.
Everything becomes muffled, blurry, and sometimes slightly dampened in this landscape where picture and sound flow together and one dialog inspires the action of the other.
The visual voice is created by an analog video mixer. The white noise and the quality of this anachronistic tool are the protagonists amidst the constantly changing visuals.
Scherrer is on one side fascinated by the architectural lines and on the other by the organic creations of the nature. Some of the visuals will be collected in and around the performance space as if the space is being projected onto itself. âSciajno and Tricoli treat the audio material with a similar sensibility through digital and analog processes (computer, analog real to real tape player).â
The visuals and the sound are powered and modulated by each other using the otherâs signal.

With the kind support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.

Domenico Sciajno
Double bass player and composer of acoustic and electronic music. His interest for improvisation and the influence of academic education, bring his research to the creative possibilities given by the interaction between acoustic instruments, indeterminacy factors and their live processing by electronic devices or computers. From 1992 he has been present in some of the most important festival as musician improviser or composer in the contemporary and experimental music scene and some of his work is documented by worldwide independent labels of experimental and electronic music. The wide spectrum of his experiences brings him very close to the concept of performance, where he use texts and electronics in combination with a choreographic use of the scene space and the projection of visuals made by himself.


Valerio Tricoli
His compositions bridge musique concrÃte and conceptual forms of sound (i.e. the radical interest in how reality, virtuality, memory relate to each other during the acoustic event): music, as a recorded or as a synthetically-modeled sound, is always hovering between the âhere and nowâ of the event and the shady domain of memory â distant but at the same time present, like a dÃjÃâvu experience. Tricoli plays live music with electronic instruments â most of them analogue â (reel-to-reel tape recorders, synthesizers, microphones, light effects, ultrasonic speakers), however the structure of the device is ever-changing, seeking multiple relations between the performers, the device and the space in which the event takes place.


Ursula Scherrer
The poetic quality of Ursula Scherrerâs work reminds one of moving paintings, drawing the viewer into the images, leaving the viewer with their own stories. She transforms landscapes into serene, abstract portraits of rhythm, color and light, where the images have less to do with what we see then the feeling they leave behind.Scherrer is a Swiss video artist living in New York City. Her work has been shown in festivals, galleries and museums internationally. Scherrer has worked with the composers/musicians Shelley Hirsch, Michelle Nagai, Kato Hideki, Flo Kaufmann, Domenico Sciajno, Michael J. Schumacher, Monya Pletsch, among others, in the creation of video and sound installations, live performances and single-channel videos. Together with Katherine Liberovskaya, Scherrer organizes OptoSonic Tea, a series dedicated to the convergence of live visuals with live sounds.



NK, Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059 Berlin
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