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<nettime-ann> Art et Internet - Auteur(s) : Jean-Paul FOURMENTRAUX
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<nettime-ann> Art et Internet - Auteur(s) : Jean-Paul FOURMENTRAUX

Art et Internet
Auteur(s) : Jean-Paul FOURMENTRAUX

Préface de Antoine HENNION
Postface de Howard BECKER

Editions du CNRS, 2010
ISBN : 978-2-271-07099-9
Format : 14 x 22 cm - 285 pages


A écouter : "Qu'est-ce qu'une oeuvre Net art ?" - France Culture - Emission Place de la Toile du 28 novembre 2010

Since the mid 1990s, the Internet has brought profound changes in the creation and circulation of the contemporary arts. During this time, “artistic creation” of a more collective and interdisciplinary nature began to foreshadow future uses of the Internet. This book analyses the dynamics and tensions arising from the linking of technological research and artistic innovation, examining the emergence of an arts world that centred on the Internet and the way new conventions became established in ways of working and in cultural exchanges. What triggers the bringing into being of art? What is the meaning of authorship? What new ways of exhibiting and receiving art are being imagined?

Net art is a collective work that brings in artists and computer specialists, technical configurations and ritualised social occasions. By following Net Art from design through to layout and exhibition, we are able to see how a multi-dimensional project builds up – programmes, interfaces, images, systems – where the issues concerning inter-relationships and collaboration are generating new relationships between art, techniques and society. For although conventional conceptions of art are changing, this does not mean that “Net Art” – often described as “immaterial” - is leading to the disappearance of objects, since its effect, on the contrary, is to multiply the fragments of “artists’ work” that have the potential to become “works of art”.

The author puts forward a typology of these works of art and an analysis of their “social career”, bringing into perspective the new patterns of circulation and the new tools and strategies employed to bring them to the public, whether as exhibitions or marketable commodities. By focusing on “works of art at work”, this book provides an insight into both work on a work and the workings of a work.



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