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<nettime-ann> Fwd: ILLUMINI presents CRYPT-MAS
Jameson Wallace on Wed, 1 Dec 2010 22:57:21 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Fwd: ILLUMINI presents CRYPT-MAS



03 December at 11:00 - 22 December at 19:00
The Crypt, St Pancras Church Euston Rd/ Duke's Rd, London, NW1 2BA

Genetic Moo will be showing a new work "Sea Angel", an interactive video

Opening Night: Thursday 2nd December 5pm – 9pm
This promises to be a very busy evening, so arrive early to avoid
disappointment. Alternatively, come along to the daytime shows:

...Open Daily 11am-7pm / Free

Tim and I will be in the Crypt on the following dates:
Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th December.
It'd be great to see you there.

Crypt-mas is a free alternative Christmas art experience, for all ages, created inside an underground grotto. The venue is a dark church crypt, with alcoves and arched ceilings, the fantastic setting and atmosphere,
for an alternative Christmas experience.

Once inside this unusual historical subterranean labyrinth, guests can
explore the festive grotto. Illumini takes them on a journey of an
alternative Christmas, one never been seen before. Walls lit with bright
colourful projections and effects guide the way, passing illuminating
artworks that will dazzle and amaze guests of all ages. Hidden deep
inside, Is Illumini's very own Father Christmas, an art installation
based on a futuristic, robotic Santa. He is there to greet all his guest from young to old, with surprises and gifts for the children. The event
has been designed for everyone no matter what age, to enjoy a free
alternative Christmas art experience.

Children can participate in workshops during their visit, making their
own festive gifts to take home with them.The whole event is free
including children's workshops, making it a fantastic family fun day out with a difference, at what can be a very expensive time of the year for
people, especially families.

for more info visit: http://www.illuminievent.co.uk/

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