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<nettime-ann> REFF - The reinvention of the real through critical practices of remix, mash-up, re-contextualization, reenactment

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The reinvention of the real through critical practices of remix, mash-up, re-contextualization, reenactment

Foreword by:  Bruce Sterling

This book chronicles the intense experience of REFF, the RomaEuropa FakeFactory, told through the contributions and works of the wide network of artists, intellectuals, journalists, teachers, lawyers and activists who participated. 

The fake competition RomaEuropa FakeFactory (www.romaeuropa.org) was an act of artivism, in favor of free culture and non-proprietary rights for authors. This network confronted the themes of art and hacking, political activism and technology, copyright and intellectual property and extended to access, cultural politics, crowdsourcing, open source models, peer-to-peer economic governance and the reinvention of the real. 

The story begins with the section âVOICESâ: a collection of more than 30 theoretical works on the themes of Free Culture, remixing as creative practice, the re-contextualization of urban spaces and knowledge sharing from international scholars such as Richard Barbrook, Andy Cameron, Stephen Kovats, The Yes Men, 0100101110101101.ORG, Jasmina TeÅanoviÄ, Massimo Canevacci Ribeiro, Antonio Caronia.

A catalog of the works presented by 32 artists, writers, designers, hackers and architects from all over the world follows in the section entitled âVISIONSâ. These contributions give a voice to the unexplored scenarios of contemporary reality representing the worlds of innovation, appropriation and a continuous artistic and political reinvention bringing to light examples of new production models based on freely available contents, knowledge, connections and the possibility of reproducing, remixing and arranging contents, forms and objects; new technological practices, new forms social interaction; new opportunities for building unedited, self-determined imaginaries. 

The REFF experiment is more than its content, designing a new possibility for publishing: the book comes  fully integrated with a digital dimension through the use of Augmented Reality in the form of QRCodes and Fiducial Markers. These devices transform the experience of reading, enhancing it with an interactive dimension through the REFF network and global social networks, in a way that is completely uncensored. The software is deposited on paper as hypertext, making it clickable, expandable, commentable and reactive, opening a virtually unlimited space for comparison between authors and readers on issues and debates on the book, dissolving the traditional boundaries that separate them. This book develops a new prototype of infinite potential for the intersection between digital and paper dimensions and, thanks to a special application, is available on the web or via smartphone: it is ubiquitous and cross-media publishing, a new way to "write on the world".

The REFF project aims to advance the experience of similar publications by offering an Open Source tool â thanks to a publishing platform created by FakePress and used for the first time in the making of the REFF book â this tool is freely available to anyone looking to create their own cross-media publications.

REFF is an artistic, cultural, political example act. A truly Augmented Reality. A multi-strata object that entices to be discovered, read and used with more âsenseâ up to the performative one, beyond the e-book.

This book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike 2.5 Italy.

www.romaeuropa.org â www.fakepress.it - www.deriveapprodi.org/estesa.php?id=411

AUTHORS, ARTISTS & CURATORS (in alphabetical order)


Richard Barbrook, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Germana Berlantini, Mike Bonanno, Loretta Borrelli, Andy Cameron, Massimo Canevacci, Francesca Canu, Carlo Cappa, Antonio Caronia, Dario Carrera, Stefano Coletto, Fiorello Cortiana, Umberto Croppi, Marco Fagotti, Marc Garret, Alex Giordano, Maria HellstrÃm Reimer e Milica LapÄeviÄ, Lorenzo Imbesi, Stephen Kovats, Simona Lodi, Francesco "Warbear" Macarone Palmieri, Federico Monaco, Movimento ScambioEtico, Andrea Natella, Eleonora Oreggia aka xname, Luigi Pagliarini, Federico Ruberti, Marco Scialdone, Guido Scorza, Valentina Tanni, Jasmina TeÅanoviÄ, Cristina Trivellin e Martina Coletti


0100101110101101.ORG, Antoni Abad, Alterazioni Video, Apparati Effimeri, David BenquÃ, Jens Brand, Alex Dragulescu, Amy Francescini (Future Farmers), Flyer Communication (FLxER), Derek Holzer, Carlo Infante, jodi.org, Steve Lambert, Les Liens Invisibles, Fosco Loiti Celant, Garrett Lynch, Guthrie Lonergan, Quayola, Rebar Group, Ben Rubin, Adam Somlai-Fischer (Architecture), Sosolimited, Eugenio Tisselli, Troika, Hannes Walter e Stephen Williams (Fluid Forms), Marianne Weems (The Builders Association), Clemens Weisshaar e Reed Kram, Jaka Åeleznikar

"Special Mentions REFF 2009/2010"

Daniele Mancini / Urban Fields, Agnese Trocchi, Mathilde Neri Poirier / Hotel Nuclear, Luther Blissett, Agatino Rizzo / Cityleft, Adriano Sanna / Image Hunters, Pasquale de Sensi, Paola Zampa, Michael Cipolla, Chiara Passa, Anna Olmo, Eva Pedroni Simoncelli, Francesco D'Isa, Marco Pignatti, Samo Pedersen, Anna Gramma, Ivan / Eri Nav, Nanette Wylde, Laura Spampinato, Alessandro Suizzo, Chiara Micheli, Andrea Paglia, Difesa Jubecca, Andreas Maria Jacobs, Leif Ahnland, Stefano Pala e Francesco Rosati, Alessio Ballerini, Gregor Rozanski, quwt, judsoN, Bernardina / Demo architects, Jelena Jovic, Sara Basili, Juan Lopez, Jimenez Lai, mag.MA Architetture, moriyuki, Giorgia Borroni, Cortomobile, Cenk Dereli, Titusz Tarnai, Daniele Salvatori, Chiara Angioli, Luis Rolando Rojas, Yurij Alekhno, Jose Antonio De Jesus Corona Gonzalez, Snak3, Adriana e Morena, Sheriff Xenoph / Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Edited by: 

Cary Hendrickson, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Federico Ruberti, Luca Simeone (FakePress)

ABOUT REFF - Romaeuropa FakeFactory

REFF â Romaeuropa FakeFactory is an act of artistic and technological hacking, a platform for global discussion and a performance that, beginning in 2009, has dealt with the themes of active, critical and creative innovation, confronting the management of cultural and technological policies related to these areas.

The story begins with the opening of the Romaeuropa WebFactory, a digital art competition launched in 2008 by the Romaeuropa Foundation (Fondazione Romaeuropa) and Telecom Italia. Oppressive copyright conditions, such as the unilateral transfer of the rights to the works submitted and a ban on the use of techniques like mashup, cutup, remix but conversely giving the Romaeuropa Foundation and Telecom Italia the right to remix the works, inspired the creation of a Fake capable of becoming a point for multi-disciplinary analysis of the possibilities offered by freely available knowledge, contents and resources: a chance to reverse the logic of the competition and bring to light the contradictions, limits and implications of such a typical, reactionary cultural policy. 

âRemix the world! Reinvent Reality!â is one of the principal themes that has inspired the REFF, from an act of dÃtournement and cybersquatting - that brought to life the creation of a remix skills competition determining in 2009 a reversal of the Romaeuropa Foundation and Telecom Italiaâs policy on the management of intellectual property rights â to the presentation of REFFâs instances and methodologies to the Cultural Commission of the Italian Senate (Commissione Cultura del Senato della Repubblica Italiana), up to the current production of the REFF book, as a global effort to create a working business model that implements the concepts and demands expressed by the RomaEuropa FakeFactory. 

Supporters of the REFF are found all over the world: over 80 partners among universities, artists, academies, associations, hackers, researchers, designers, journalists, politicians, magazines, networks, activitst, art critics, architects, musicians and entrepreneurs together with all the people who share a belief that art, design and new technologies can unite towards a critical, yet positive vision of a world that can create new opportunities and new ways of being, collaborating and communicating.
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