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<nettime-ann> Digital in Berlin Concerts / November 2010 | MADEIRADIG 20
Digital in Berlin on Sun, 14 Nov 2010 19:35:42 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Digital in Berlin Concerts / November 2010 | MADEIRADIG 2010 Program

Dear Friends and Music Lovers,

It is our pleasure to be able to send you the complete programme for this years MADEIRADIG Festival. Please find it attached as PDF or see the entire line-up online at http://www.madeiradig.net/LINE-UP.html. We look forward to see you there in just a few weeks time.

Before the MADEIRADIG theres a couple of unique Berlin events we would like to bring to your attention. Firstly we are delighted to present, together with CTM Concerts, Rachel Grimes solo piano concert this Sunday, 14.11 at HBC. You might know her as composer of the band Rachel's - this Sunday she will play an acoustic recital of music from her recent album Book of Leaves.

We are also excited to bring you, in association with our friends at Planet Rock, a very rare and exclusive live show by legendary psychedelic-jazz outfit The Pyramids. This one-off reunion performance at the Volksbühne on Sunday 28.11 is sure to be a real avant-garde spectacle and not to be missed.

And don't forget to tune in to the Digital in Berlin show on PI Radio this Tuesday 16.11 (and every other Tuesday) at 21:30 on PI Radio http://www.digitalinberlin.de/radio/ or if you are looking for DJ mix of unbridled eclecticism come along to King Kong Klub on Wednesday 17.11 for another adventurous set by the D/B Sound System.

Kind regards,
Your Digital in Berlin Team

Digital in Berlin | 10407 Berlin/Germany
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