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<nettime-ann> Uppsala University: PhD student position in Critical Media
Christian Fuchs on Sun, 14 Nov 2010 19:28:59 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Uppsala University: PhD student position in Critical Media/Internet Studies


Uppsala University hereby declares the following position to be open for application:

PhD student position in Media and Communication Studies
at the Department of Informatics and Media as of January 1st, 2011.

The candidate is supposed to participate in the departmentâs ongoing research in the field of web 2.0/social media/social networking sites & economic online surveillance/Internet prosumer labour. Therefore applicants with a solid background in the combination of the following areas are solicited to apply: critical media and communication studies, Critical Theory, critical political economy, critical political economy of media, ICTs and communication; Internet studies, surveillance and privacy studies, critical advertising and consumer culture studies. Qualifications: masterâs degree (candidates with any suited disciplinary and interdisciplinary background are welcome to apply), excellent command of written and spoken English.

**The application should include
a) an application form including a copy of a degree certificate that proves the applicantâs eligibility for studies at the research level in Media and Communication Studies;
b) a CV;
c) a copy of the master thesis (additional works related to the advertised positionâs topic may also be included); d) an outline of experience in and motivation for conducting research in the advertised research field (minimum: 1000 words)

Education at the research level has a duration of five years, of which the first year is financed with a scholarship (utbildningsbidrag) and the four following years with employment as PhD candidate. PhD candidates are expected to conduct their education at the research level by working full time and by participating actively in the activities of the department. Obligatory administrative and teaching duties at the department may not exceed 20 % of full-time.

The application form and instructions in English are available from:

More information about PhD studies at Uppsala University and at the Faculty of Social Sciences are available at:
http://www.doktorandenhandboken.nu (click on the link "English")

Uppsala University cannot cover travel and accommodation costs for short-listed candidates, who are invited for a job interview.

Uppsala University is striving to promote equality through gender balance. The majority of employees are men, so we encourage female applicants to apply for positions.

Information about the employment, Professor for Media and Communication Studies: Christian Fuchs (christian.fuchs {AT} im.uu.se): +46 18 471 1019; Head of the Department and Professor Mats Edenius: +46 18 471 11 76. Representatives from the Union are: Anders GrundstrÃm, Saco-rÃdet, tel. +46 18-471 53 80, Carin SÃderhÃll, TCO/ST tel. +46 18-471 19 96 and Stefan DjurstrÃm, Seko, tel. +46 18-471 33 15.

The application should be sent, not later than November 26, 2010, preferably by e-mail to registrator {AT} uu.se or by fax +46-184712000, or by mail to Registrarâs Office, Uppsala University, Box 256, SE-751 05 UPPSALA, Sweden. In any correspondence, please use the reference number UFV-PA 2010/2775.
Prof. Christian Fuchs
Chair in Media and Communication Studies
Institutionen fÃr informatik och media /
Department of Informatics and Media Studies
Uppsala University
KyrkogÃrdsgatan 10
Box 513
751 20 Uppsala
christian.fuchs {AT} im.uu.se
Tel +46 (0) 18 471 1019
NetPolitics Blog: http://fuchs.uti.at/blog

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