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<nettime-ann> Nebula: Latest Issue & Call for Papers
Samar Habib on Fri, 18 Jun 2010 17:39:59 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Nebula: Latest Issue & Call for Papers



RE: Nebula Latest Issue & Call For Papers

Nebula 7.1/7.2 is now online with unrestricted access at http://www.nebula.la .


The current CFP is reproduced below the contents page for the current issue, provided here for your convenience.


Racism, Ragheads and Rednecks.

By Ryan Al-Natour



Putting the Doctorate into Practice, and the Practice into Doctorates: Creating a New Space for Quality Scholarship Through Creativity

By Tara Brabazon and Zeynep Dagli  
23- 43


On the Hyphenated Edge -- Hyper-Existentialism, Hybridity and the Magical Hyper-real in the Writings of Michael Mirolla.

By Yuan-chin Chang



Ideology, prosody, and eponymy: Towards a public poetics of Obama and Beowulf.

By Tom Clark



Disrupting Strength, Power and Perfect Bodies: Disability as Narrative Prosthesis in 1990s Australian National Cinema.

By Katie Ellis



Narrating the Palestinian in Philip Rothâs Operation Shylock: A Confession.

By Saddik M. Gohar


Distant Suffering and Postmodern Subjectivity: the Communal Politics of Pity.

By Yasmin Ibrahim



Law and the State: a Philosophical Evaluation

By Chiedozie Okoro



Politics of Desire in Ahdaf Soueif's In the Eye of the Sun

By Isam Shihada




La La Land: Excerpts

By Michael Angelo Tata


Africa, Buddies, Diamonds, Politics, and Gold: A Comparison of the Films Blood Diamond (2006) and Gold! (1974)
By Richard Voeltz

Reading Traumatized Bodies of Text: Kathy Ackerâs Blood and Guts in High School and Selah Saterstromâs The Pink Institution

By Carolyn Zaikowski



Jacques PrÃvertâs Queer Acts of Speech,or, an Apologia for a Postmodern Curriculum.
By Alistair Rolls.




The editors now invite submissions for Nebula 7.3 (September 2010).


We encourage submission of academic articles from any discipline, covering any subject or topic, provided that the language used is non-specialist and appeals to a wide audience.    Unlike many academic publications, Nebula is not limited to a specific school, faculty, or subject.   
We are also interested in providing an alternative view to mainstream cultural and political ideologies.   As such, we encourage non-fiction, intellectual writing, that does not follow the generic conventions of academic writing but which demonstrates substantial sophistication and which may be of interest to a broad audience.  We encourage contributors to offer their political readings of a particular social/political or military crisis current in the world.  We are particularly interested in writings that may be deemed marginal or seem to be against the grain of mainstream ideologies.  Our project is to ensure the publication of writing of high calibre that may be rejected by conservative institutions.  Nebula also accepts âfree writingâ that is not politically motivated, but which may be attuned to various other cultural, social or artistic concerns (including television, film, media or music studies).
Nebula also accepts creative work in any form which can be displayed on the world wide web.  Poetry, graphics, cartoons, short stories are all welcome for consideration.
All claims within academic articles must be evidenced.  We will not accept poorly researched material. We are very intolerant of plagiarism. All submissions must be accompanied by a short letter to the editors which will include some autobiographical information and any institutional affiliations.  Please make all attachments in .doc wherever possible.  Articles and reviews are not limited to any particular referencing style but MUST be consistent throughout each submission.  Contributions intended for Nebula (7.3) must be received by August 10, 2010. Keep in mind that only the most original, well- presented and well thought-out pieces will be considered for publication.  
 Email articles in .doc or equivalent to nebula {AT} nobleworld.biz or editors {AT} nobleworld.biz, please also include a brief biographical note and a brief CV



Imagination is more important than knowledge
                                                - A. Einstein
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