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<nettime-ann> Creative Media: new issue of Culture Machine
Gary Hall on Wed, 10 Feb 2010 21:28:34 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Creative Media: new issue of Culture Machine

Apologies for cross-posting

We are pleased to announce a new issue of the online, open-access journal Culture Machine:


edited by Sarah Kember and Joanna Zylinska

Taking seriously both the philosophical legacy of what the Kantian and Foucauldian tradition calls ‘critique’ and the transformative energy of the creative arts, this issue features a number of experimental yet rigorous cross-disciplinary interventions that are equally at home with critical theory and media practice.


Sarah Kember, Joanna Zylinska, ‘Creative Media between Invention and Critique, or What's Still at Stake in Performativity?’

Rowan Wilken, ‘The Card Index as Creativity Machine’

Sarah Kember, ‘Media, Mars and Metamorphosis’

Gary Hall, Clare Birchall, Peter Woodbridge, ‘Deleuze's “Postscript on the Societies of Control”’

Joanna Zylinska, ‘I Don't Go to the Movies’

Nina Sellars, ‘Anatomy of Optics and Light’

Eleni Ikoniadou, ‘Rhythm-House: A Virtual Design for the Digital ‘

Patrick Crogan, ‘The Nintendo Wii, Virtualisation and Gestural Analogics’

David Penny, ‘Devices for Progress’

Federica Frabetti, ‘"Does It Work?": The Unforeseeable Consequences of Quasi-Failing Technology’



The Culture Machine journal publishes new work from both established figures and up-and-coming writers. It is fully refereed, and has an International Advisory Board which includes Geoffrey Bennington, Robert Bernasconi, Sue Golding, Lawrence Grossberg, Peggy Kamuf, Alphonso Lingis, Meaghan Morris, Paul Patton, Mark Poster, Avital Ronell, Nicholas Royle and Kenneth Surin.

Culture Machine welcomes original, unpublished submissions on any aspect of culture and theory. All contributions to Culture Machine are refereed anonymously.

Culture Machine is part of Open Humanities Press.

For more information, visit the Culture Machine site at:

Gary Hall
Professor of Media and Performing Arts
School of Art and Design, Coventry University
Co-editor of Culture Machine http://www.culturemachine.net
Co-founder of the Open Humanities Press

My website http://www.garyhall.info

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