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<nettime-ann> [Nictoglobe] Special Issue: Art is not about Communication
Andreas Jacobs on Fri, 29 Jan 2010 18:13:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [Nictoglobe] Special Issue: Art is not about Communication

Nictoglobe Vol.14 #1 2010 Friction Research 3:


This is the third issue of 'Friction Research', a series of collective investigations on contemporary arts & media practices.

Previous issues:

'Investigating Ruptures in the Art Political Grid', Nictoglobe, Volume 12 Issue 3, Amsterdam The Netherlands (2008).
'Creative Resistance: New Media as Soft Arms', Nictoglobe, Volume 11 Issue 2, Amsterdam The Netherlands(2007).


Art is not about Communication

Below our open call from November 30 2009


Focus, Belief, Communication, Course, Comprehension, Art, Effect, Art, Direction, Direction(s), Network, Art, Vector, Side, Side, Main, Interpretation, Error, Many, Professional, Field, Art, Senses, Thumb, Critic, Few, World, Speech, Extreme, Notion,  Ourselves, This, World, Push, Foreground, Curator, Metrosexual, Power, Relation, Accumulation, Item, Fetish, Replacement, Lust, Contact, Capital, Distinction, Use, Exchange, Labyrinth, Housing, Global, Warning, Transportation, Education, Sex, Healthcare, Political, Agenda, Value, Object, Control, Prison, CCTV, Market, Non-Smoking Area, Public, Everybody, Part, Communication, World, Facebook, Twitter, About, Their, Spaces, Google, Anxious, Need, Each, Other, Labour, Stop, Thinking, Leisure, Subject, System, Aesthetics, Teleologics.


To problematize, To invent, To economize, To force, To capitalize, To inject, To reject, To subject, To object, To maintain, To remain, To insult, To consult, To solve, To dissolve, To involve, To revolve To explode, To implode, To radiate, To broadcast, To send, To conceive, To retrieve, To conspire, To subvert, To invert, To absolve, To gain, To loose, To drain, To drink, To drown, To stop, To communicate, To mutate, To correspond, To eject, To rule, To eradicate.


Mistaken, Contrary, Singular, Local, Contemporary, Public, (Psycho), Patho-Sociological, Drenched, Oversaturated, Urban, Senseless, Speechless, Worshipped, Rural, Blurred, Private, Communicative, Global, Lucid, Kind, Nice, Rough,  Mild, Less, Manifold,  Plural, Focal.


Derrida, Foucault, Brecht, Lacan, Freud, Deleuze, Bourriaud, Houellebeq, Lovecraft, Poe, Borges, Alzheimer, Husserl, Heidegger, Marx, Hobbe, Spinoza, Sloterdijk, Hegel, Kranz, Benjamin, Plotinus.

The following individuals and collectives have contributed to our call for submissions.


Art is not about Communication, Lawrence Upton 2009 - UK


Participation as Kitsch, Henry Jones & Daniel Hess 2010 - USA

Jacques Derrida and the Politics of Architecture, Francesco Vitale 2009 - IT

Essay Generator, judsoN ^R+ 2010 - USA


Skin, Biying Zhang 2010 - USA


Grenze, Patrick Fontana et al. 2009 - FR

204_NO_CONTENT, Darko Fritz 2007 - > NL/YU


Published & Curated by Andreas Maria Jacobs for Nictoglobe Online Magazine 2010
Nictoglobe can be reached by email: info[at]nictoglobe[dot]com

A. Andreas

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