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<nettime-ann> Media Transatlantic: Media Theory in North America and Ger
Geert Lovink on Wed, 27 Jan 2010 19:12:16 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Media Transatlantic: Media Theory in North America and German-Speaking Europe (Vancouver)

April 8-10, 2010; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada http://www.mediatrans.ca 
Registration ($30-$40 for students/postdocs; $60-$70 for faculty) is available online at:http://www.mediatrans.ca/register.html (only 90 spots available!)
Program Information: below (in abbreviated form) and online (complete with abstracts) at:http://www.mediatrans.ca/program.html
Conference Theme:
Ubiquitous and indispensible, media technologies have taken on an epistemological or even ontological significance: we learn what we know, and we become what we are, through print, TV, digital, mobile and other communications. Seeing media as a lens or even as an a priori condition for understanding historical, social and cultural change has become increasingly prevalent and urgent on both sides of the Atlantic. However, with some notable exceptions, this work has been developing independently, producing a wide-ranging if fruitful heterogeneity. The purpose of this conference is to deepen and expand transatlantic dialogue between North America and German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) in the area of media theory -- and to provide an opportunity for developing connections to other contexts as well. Areas of research and scholarship relevant to this dialogue include communication, philosophy, media literacy, and literary and cultural studies. 


C O N F E R E N C E   P R O G R A M  (note: details of this program are subject to change without notice)


9:00 Coffee

9:15 Opening Remarks


11:00 - 12:00:

   Tristan Thielmann (Siegen) Finding the Way over the North Atlantic Ridge: German Theory and American Practice of Geomedia

   Michael Darroch (Windsor) Giedion and Explorations: Transatlantic Influences on the Toronto School Lunch


1:30 SYBILLE KRÄMER (Freie U. Berlin)


   Christine Mitchell (McGill, Montreal) Language, Material Misfit

   Till Heilman (Basel) Innis and Kittler: The Case of the Greek Alphabet

   Twyla Gibson (Toronto)  The Translation of the Word: Homeric Formulas, Platonic Forms, and Media Theory

   Nina Samuel (Humboldt, Berlin) "Die Bildszene" ("The Drawing- or Image-Scene“): Otto Rössler, Chaos and the Materiality of Thought





8:30 Coffee
9:00 GEOFFREY WINTHROP-YOUNG (Vancouver, University of British Columbia)
   Claus Pias (Vienna) How can Permanent Reflection be Institutionalized?
   Michael MacDonald (Waterloo) Martial McLuhan
   Markus Krajewski (Weimar) Small Theory of the Time Table. Projectors, Technical Media, and Globalization around 1900 
   Daniel Gilfillan (Arizona) Knowledge Migration and Nomadic Broadcast: Flusser and Post-1989 Radio Space


2:00 HARTMUT WINKLER (Paderborn)
3:30 - 5:30
   Anthony Enns (Dalhousie, Halifax) Vibratory Photography: Integrating the Psychic, Perceptual and Photographic Apparatus 
   Darryl Cressman (Simon Fraser, Vancouver) Music as Media: An Innisian History of Western Musical Culture
   Rainer Leschke (Siegen) McLuhan and Medienwissenschaften: Sense and Sensation 
   Roberto Simanowski (Brown, Providence) Against the Embrace. On Phenomenology and Semiotics in New Media Aesthetics  

5:30 No Host Dinner(s)



9:00 Coffee
9:30 DIETER MERSCH (Potsdam)
11:30 - 12:30
   Jaeho Kang (New School, New York) Tactility of Media-Space: Marshall McLuhan and Walter Benjamin on Synaesthesia and Technological Innervation of the Body 
   Jan Mueggenburg (Vienna) We Cannot Bid the Ear be Still. On Techno-Physiological Media and Bionic Ears  


2:00  KIM SAWCHUK (Concordia, Montreal)
3:30 - 5:30 
   Bob Hanke (York) University Discourse Network 2010 
   Sean B. Franzel (Missouri) The Lecture: A Case Study in the Intermediality of Academic Instruction
   Catherine Adams (Alberta, Edmonton) Teachers Teaching in the New Mediascape: Natural Born Cyborgs or Digital Immigrants? 
   Norm Friesen & Theo Hug (Kamloops, Innsbruck) Education of the Senses: The Pedagogy of Marshall McLuhan

Norm Friesen
Canada Research Chair in E-Learning Practices
Thompson Rivers University
mobile +1 250 574 3620
CONFERENCE: Media Transatlantic (Apr. 8-10; www.mediatrans.ca) 
New Book - Re-Thinking E-Learning Research (http://elearn.tru.ca)

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