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<nettime-ann> LUCA POZZI - A.E.W.O.M. - [Le Strabisme du Dragon]

Title: FlashArt

Museo Marino Marini
Florence, Piazza San Pancrazio


[Le Strabisme du Dragon]


curated by Alberto Salvadori
in conversation with Valerio Borgonuovo

20 January – 8 February 2010


Schrödinger’s cat through Piero della Francesca influence, 2010 uovo in alluminio lucidato a specchio, campo elettromagnetico, tatami per arti marziali, piedistallo in legno laccato egg in polished aluminium, electromagnetic field, martial arts tatami, varnished wooden stand cm 140x25m

Courtesy: Federico Luger, Milan



From Wednesday, January 20, 2010, the Marino Marini Museum will host "A.E.W.O.M. [Le strabisme du Dragon]", third phase of the research project realized by Luca Pozzi, curated by Alberto Salvadori and in collaboration with Valerio Borgonuovo. The project was conducted on the base of the specific experiences and the relative theoretical contributions formulated by researchers and artists involved, and transmitted in the form of interviews in occasion of the previous expositive moments “W.O.G.U. Pennsylvania-Italy 1983/2009” and “M. Southern California-Italy 1995/2009”.
"A.E.W.O.M. [Le strabisme du Dragon]", elaborated by the artist between 2007 and 2009, presents itself as an experimental test for a complex visual “diagram”, formed by a close network of correspondences  found between different disciplines: Art History, Theoretical Physics, Theology and Martial Arts, converging in a single act within an ancient early Christian site in the heart of the city known as the symbol of the Italian Renaissance.  
The project visualizes the area of intersection between a Dragon (mythological figure, symbol of the union of the elements), whose gaze, with eyes looking in different directions, is here the effect of an apparently contradictory strabismus, and the Aleph Experiment, the physics research programme of the CERN/Centro Europeo per la Ricerca Nucleare (European Organization for Nuclear Research) of Geneva, concerned with the observation of the systematic result of  countless high-energy collisions of oppositely charged subatomic particles. This reference inspired the initial acronym of the exhibition's title, literally, Aleph Experiment Without Mass.
An experimental exhibition that, through the imaginative visualization of gravitational interactions tries, above all, to experience a nearly symmetrical basic field; a potential field that exists before mass; but also a field that, possessing continuous quantum fluctuations, is metastable. A field that some call “void”.

Luca Pozzi (1983) lives and works in Milan. A visual artist, cultural researcher and interdisciplinary mediator, he conducts, within his own domain of reference, a program aimed at the formulation of a comprehensive vision of experience, capable of extending its possible emerging correspondences to a dimension of knowledge devoid of specificity and therefore wider. Making use of the theoretical contributions expressed by researchers and artists indirectly involved (by means of conversations in the form of interviews) in the projects realized up to now, the artist, by employing different media and materials, comes to realize hybrid installations, characterized by an original use of the force of gravity : a tool for reflection on man and and on the mysterious  physical laws that  underlie natural processes. Among the exhibitions realized in 2009 are the solo shows "M. Southern California-Italy 1995/2009" (Galleria Astuni, Bologna/Pietrasanta), "Supersymmetric Partner" (Museo Diocesano, Milan) and "W.O.G.U. Pennsylvania-Italy 1983/2009" (Galleria Federico Luger, Milan); whereas worthy of mention among the group exhibitions are "Sensibili Energie" (Galleria d’arte contemporanea, Arezzo) and "La différence? "(C.A.B., Grenoble). In the same year he participated in the artist-in-residency programme promoted by the Dena Foundation of Contemporary Art (Centre international d’accueil et d’échanges des Récollets, Paris). In 2007 he was co-founder of the Diogene Bivacco Urbano group (responsible for the conception of a residency by artists, for artists,  in the urban fabric of the city of Turin). From 2004 to 2008 he participated in the Isola Arte & community Center project for the creation of a centre for contemporary art and for the protection of the Isola district in Milan together with artists, designers and architects.

Early 2010  will see him engaged in the solo exhibitions,  "A.E.W.O.M. [Le strabisme du dragon] " (Marino Marini Museum, Florence) and "O.S.O.B.E. [Other Side Of Brane Experiment]" (Monumental complex of Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna).

Information: Marino Marini Museum
Florence, Piazza San Pancrazio - tel. +39 055.219432
info {AT} museomarinomarini.it
Hours: from 10:00am to 5:00pm, closed Sunday and Tuesday
Marino Marini Museum Press Office: Davis & Franceschini
tel. +39 055.2347273 – fax +39 055.2347361
davis.franceschini {AT} dada.it - www.davisefranceschini.it

Communication: Neri Torrigiani
rsvp {AT} torrigiani.com - www.torrigiani.com

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