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<nettime-ann> Call for Applications: Rhizome Curatorial Fellow
Ceci Moss on Sat, 16 Jan 2010 17:14:06 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Call for Applications: Rhizome Curatorial Fellow

Call for Applications: Rhizome Curatorial Fellow

Rhizome is a leading arts organization dedicated to the creation,
presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic
practices that engage technology. Through open platforms for exchange
and collaboration, our website serves to encourage and expand the
communities around these practices. Our programs, many of which happen
online, include commissions, exhibitions, events, discussion, archives
and portfolios. Rhizome is an affiliate of the New Museum of
Contemporary Art. For more information about Rhizome, visit:

Rhizome seeks a Curatorial Fellow from February 15th through June 2010. The
Fellow will support the curatorial and editorial departments at
Rhizome through research, writing and administration. This position is
a unique opportunity for a person interested in pursuing a career in
contemporary art to further their engagement with the field and hone
their professional skills.

The Curatorial Fellow must be based in New York and must be able to
commit to 16 hours of work per week, for 5 months, beginning in Fall
2009. This position is unpaid, but academic credit may be arranged.
The Curatorial Fellow will work directly with artists and be overseen
by the Executive Director and Senior Editor.

The Fellow's primary responsibilities include:

*Research and coordination for an upcoming exhibition at the New Museum

* Coordination and development of the Rhizome ArtBase, including
managing submissions and reaching out to artists

*Researching topics for editorial coverage and articles for Rhizome’s
blog and publications

* Administrative support of programs, such as Rhizome's monthly New
Silent Series at the New Museum

*General support of the organization

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates should have a high level of familiarity
with contemporary art and particularly new media and its history.
Education or advanced experience beyond the undergraduate level is
preferred. At a minimum, the candidate should have very strong
writing, editing, and analytical skills, and very high internet
literacy. Knowledge of Microsoft Office software is also required and
basic Photoshop skills are preferred.

TO APPLY: Please email a cover letter, resume or c.v., three
references, and three writing samples (url's or attachments) to Lauren
Cornell at fellow(at)rhizome.org. Review of applications will begin
immediately. Starting date is February 15, 2010

DEADLINE: February 2, 2010
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