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<nettime-ann> tank.tv Winter 2010 : Laetitia Benat / Paul McCarthy / Tat
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<nettime-ann> tank.tv Winter 2010 : Laetitia Benat / Paul McCarthy / Tate Modern



January & February 2010

Laetitia Benat / Paul McCarthy / Tate Modern


tank.tv is pleased to welcome in our 2010 programme with an exhibition of work by the French artist Laetitia Benat.


Benat uses the simplest of video techniques to negotiate and toy with the way in which emotion and suspense are implied by images. Simple sounds, shots, sequences and subjects are used to examine the way in which the viewer is triggered into feeling. Allowing the viewer to extrapolate story and feeling from so little Benat's work examines the very building blocks of filmmaking and will be online until the 31st January.


In February tank.tv will be exhibiting a pair of videos from Paul McCarthy. Family Tyranny & Cultural Soup were cut from two days of taped performance at a community television studio in 1987. Featuring McCarthy's fellow artist Mike Kelley, these videos are filled with the disturbing images of familial horror and stomach turning abjection that characterise the artist's renowned body of work. Both works will be available on www.tank.tv from the 1st - 28th February.


This show is held in conjunction with a screening of McCarthy's Contemporary Cure All and F-Fort on the 6th February at 7pm at Tate Modern's Starr Auditorium. Book your tickets early through the Tate box office.


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