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<nettime-ann> cfp: CAe 2010 - Computational Aesthetics
Paul Brown on Mon, 11 Jan 2010 16:04:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> cfp: CAe 2010 - Computational Aesthetics

Computational Aesthetics 2010 - sponsored by the BCS CAS SG

Call for papers

Computational Aesthetics bridges the analytic and synthetic by integrating aspects of computer science, philosophy, psychology, and the fine, applied &
performing arts. It seeks to facilitate both the analysis and the
augmentation of creative behaviours. CAe also investigates the creation of tools that can enhance the expressive power of the fine and applied arts and furthers our understanding of aesthetic evaluation, perception and meaning.

The conference brings together individuals with technical experience of
developing computer based tools to solve aesthetic problems and people with
artistic/design backgrounds who use these new tools.

Invited talks will be given by technical, theoretical and artistic/ design figures. The talks will help participants better understand what aesthetics is, what computer technology is currently capable of and, equally, to fully
appreciate what is involved in artistic design and creative process.

Refereed papers and artworks will be presented in a single track program
that aims to facilitate a dialogue between scientists and engineers who are
creating new tools, and also artists and designers who use them.
Presentations will provide a snapshot of the latest technical breakthroughs
and the most recent artistic or design achievements in applying computer
based techniques to solve aesthetic problems.

Technical submissions are invited across the broad range of areas covered by
Computational Aesthetics. Specific technical areas include, but are not
limited to:

a.. computational analysis and modelling of creative behaviour (AI,
b.. artistic image transformation techniques (colours, edges, patterns,
c.. image style and salience analysis (paintings, photographs, others);
d.. visualization (perceptual or aesthetics based);
e.. sketching, simplification techniques (artistic, cognitive);
f.. composition, visual balance, layout;
g.. non-photorealistic rendering;
h.. empirically based metrics of aesthetical attributes; and
i.. applied visual perception (colour appearance, spatial vision, and
other aspects).
j.. measuring and describing aesthetics and
k.. computational tools for artists
Technical Paper Submissions
Technical papers should present original, unpublished work. The manuscripts
must be written in English, must be formatted according to the EG
publication guidelines (see the submission site for the LaTeX templates),
and should be no longer than 8 pages.

For all Submissions see:

You can start a new submission at the EG submission site:

Accepted technical and art papers will be presented at the symposium, and appear in the proceedings. The proceedings will be published and printed in
the Eurographics Workshop and Symposia Series, and will appear in the
Eurographics and ACM Digital Libraries.

Important Dates
Submission deadline: February 12, 2010
Acceptance notification: March 12, 2010
Camera-ready deadline: April 1, 2009

Conference Dates: June 14 - 16th, 2010

Further Information
a.. http://www.computational-aesthetics.org/
b.. e-mail: pjepp {AT} vimmi.inesc-id.pt and info {AT} computational-aesthetics.org

Paul Brown - based in OZ October 09 to January 2010
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