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<nettime-ann> ADAMS HYDE ARTIST PRESENTATION | 08/01/2010 19H | NK - BER
Andre Castro on Sun, 3 Jan 2010 20:06:02 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> ADAMS HYDE ARTIST PRESENTATION | 08/01/2010 19H | NK - BERLIN



Friday 8th January 2010 at 19:00

NK - Berlin


Adam is an artist with an international practice who works with software, online audio and video, sound art, new technologies and more traditional forms of broadcast. He has also gained extensive management experience, having managed the radio station Contact89FM (Hamilton, New Zealand) and held the position of CEO for 95bFM (Auckland, New Zealand). Adam also established and managed New Zealand’s first community television station, Static TV. Adam has also worked at management level internationally in the IT sector as Business Development Manager at Australias Virtual Artists (Adelaide, Australia), as well as managing the Software and Web Development departments at the renown Dutch Internet Service Provider XS4ALL (Amsterdam).

In addition to management experience in the IT sector Adam has an established reputation as a free software programmer. Adam has developed several free software applications including the FrequencyClock , and ReCo(de)R. Adam is an active member of the free software development group DYNE and is co-founder of the Open Source Streaming Alliance.

In late 2002 Adam also started his own consultancy – The Streaming Suitcase – specialising in online audio and video training and system design for cultural institutions. Clients have included Tate Modern, the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis, USA, The Virtual Arts Network (an initiative of the Asia Society, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New England Foundation for the Arts, SF MOMA, and the Walker Art Centre), The Science Musem in London, the Foundation for Film, Art and Creative Technology – FACT, and Montevideo.

In 2006 Adam also formed the group SIMPEL and has exhibited the Paper Cup Telephone Network (San Francisco Exploratorium, 21Grand Gallery Oakland, and ISEA 2006) and Wifio which was premièred at Waves (Riga, 2006). Earlier in the year Adam attended residencies in New Zealand, Latvia, and Slovenia. In 2006 Adam also curated a series of panel discussions about the future of television for the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

In 2007 Adam founded FLOSS Manuals Stichting for the development of a collaborative platform for manuals on free software. The project has been awarded a grant from Digitale Pioneers (Amsterdam) and Adam is currently working developing the platform at FLOSS Manuals. In 2008 FLOSS manuals won the New Zealand Open Source Award.

More info on Adam and his work:

Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln
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